Company Profile


      China 22MCC Group Corporation Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “22MCC Group”) is a subsidiary of China Metallurgical Group Corporation, which is a global top 500 company. 22MCC Group is a comprehensive enterprise with project contracting, property development, equipment manufacturing and resource development as leading business. 22MCC group has obtained supreme grade qualification for general contractor of metallurgical and housing construction works; 1st grade qualification for general contractor of mine works, municipal public works and electromechanical installation works; 2nd grade qualification for general contractor of petrochemical works; 3rd grade qualification for general contractor of road and power construction works; 1st grade qualification for professional contractor of foundational and basic construction works, steel structure works, electromechanical equipment installation, kiln construction works and pipe construction works; 2nd grade qualification for professional contractor of building smart system projects, power transmission and distribution projects, port loading and unloading equipment installation, concrete precast member and earth and stone work; 2nd grade qualification for design and construction of building decoration projects; and A grade qualification of design and building industry and metallurgical industry. It has a registered capital of RMB 2,700 million, 14 functional departments, 1 business division, 13 branches, 6 wholly-owned subsidiaries and 2 majority-owned subsidiaries, forming collective management structure. By the end of 2013, 22MCC Group had 8,578 employees.


      22MCC Group used to be an enterprise directly under the original Ministry of Metallurgical Industry. Its predecessor is Tangshan Earthquake Relief Headquarter of the 2nd Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd. under Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, which was officially founded in February 1978 in Tangshan. In January 1993, Tangshan Earthquake Relief Headquarter was renamed China 22 Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd. with approval by Ministry of Metallurgical Industry. In 1998, China 22 Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd was incorporated into China Metallurgical Construction Group as enterprises were separated from the government during reform of national government organization system. In the last 10 days of November 2006, China Metallurgical Construction Group restructured its main business according to its overall plan, establishing China Metallurgical Jingtang Construction Co., Ltd. and a residual company; in May 2007, the residual company was restructured into a limited company that was fully funded by one legal person and named back to China 22 Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd.; and in January 2010, China 22 Metallurgical Construction Co., Ltd. and China Metallurgical Jingtang Construction Co., Ltd. merged into 22MCC Group.


      During the past 30 years from the startup, 22MCC Group, as a large state-owned comprehensive enterprise, has successively undertaken or involved in lots of steel production base construction projects for national and local steel companies, including Ansteel, Ex Steel, Baogang, WISCO, BAOsteel, Shougang, Tang Steel, Laigang, SD Steel, Han Steel, Cheng Steel, etc.; housing construction, stadium and gymnasium construction and municipal construction projects; projects of building, energy, chemical, power, transportation and water works industry; and overseas industrial and civil construction projects. 22MCC Group were honored with awards for more than 200 projects, including Luban Awards, National Quality Project Award, National Customer Satisfaction Award and Provincial Level Quality Project Awards, particularly the 11 Luban Awards which are the highest award in the construction industry. With milestones accomplished across China, 22MCC Group has made great contribution to the development of China metallurgical industry and China modernization.


      22MCC Group has received national “Faithful and Reliable” Enterprise Award from State Administration for Industry & Commerce for many consecutive years and been awarded several times such titles as “National Excellent Construction Enterprise“, “National Construction Project Enterprise of Famous Brand“ and “National AAA-level Reputation Unit of China’s Construction System Enterprises”, and it has won “May Day“ Labor Award, “Technology Progressive Prize” and “National Important Technical Equipment Achievement Prize“ and “National Medal for Distinguished Contribution to Skilled Talent Cultivation”. In addition, 22MCC Group has been appraised as “Central Enterprise Advanced Collective”, “Excellent Unit of National Enterprise Culture Development”, “Advanced Unit of National Spiritual Civilization Development”, etc. by SASAC and HRSS.


      22MCC has always adhered to the strategy of science and technology based growth. It combines production, learning and research on its way of development while vigorously promoting technical progress and innovation, striving to stand out with an innovative image. It was honored with the titles like Advanced Collective of National Project Construction Standardization” and “Advanced Enterprise of Scientific and Technological Progress and Innovation during the 11th Five-year Plan Period of China Construction Industry in 2009, and was honored by MCC as Excellent Innovative Enterprise and Advanced Unit of Intellectual Property Management in 2009 and 2010. With 2 technical centers in Hebei and 1 in MCC, 22MCC Group now has 375 patents, including 45 invention patents.


      With overall operation based on a scientific development philosophy, 22MCC Group innovates its thought and speeds up transformation and upgrade, in an effort to break into emerging markets, improving management and development quality. It has brought its annual revenue to a level of more than RMB 20 billion, and it still expands and grows as it always did before, accomplishing the shift from leapfrog development to innovative and upgraded development.


      22MCC Group’s overall development strategy is “Innovation, Upgrade, Strength, Quality, Scientific Path, and Long-Standing Prosperity”. Its enterprise spirit is “Professionalism, Loyalty, Unification and Progress”. Its value is “Devotion to the society, return to the shareholder, develop to higher level and benefit to staffs”. 22MCC Group is making all efforts to accomplish the shift from a large scale and benefit-focused enterprise to a quality and value-oriented enterprise, hoping to improve its industrial layout, position and brand awareness that are needed for a large group enterprise with strong competitiveness.