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Walking on the road of management innovation -- the national outstanding project manager, China 22mcc group Chong Construction Company Zhao Liang General Manager

Writer:Chen YuemingSource:Chong Jian company Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15

Zhao Liang, twice won the "national outstanding project manager" title. He is afine works with sweat and wisdom created, to create a first-class national excellent project. From the super high-rise projects of China MetallurgicalBuilding, shaped structure to the Phoenix International Media Center project,interpretation of him to create persistent and nostalgic quality engineering.

From his actions, let everybody see he has the quality: master the uniqueconcept of enterprise management, proficient in project management, with theoverall planning, risk pre control ability and communication ability, innovationand the overall situation consciousness, market sensing capability and marketinsight ability, high performance team good at creating the human culture the.

To promote the project management to "cultural innovation"

As a project of the "leader", "reason", subordinate to the greatest love, than to boost their success in business. According to the project of Ministry of young people with passion, aggressive, characteristics of less experience andthought lives, he is not regular, pertinence, regularly with staff exchanges,heart to heart, in-depth understanding of the mentality of employees, working and living situation, and arrange work according to their characteristics, inspire them to reflect the value of human life and the sense of responsibility in engineering management, as the project construction smoothly and contribute.

In each project was first established, Zhao Liang must organize the project staff to focus on learning, grasp China Metallurgical Group and China 22mcc group enterprise culture, history, innovation put forward and push to usecorporate culture management project management measures, and put forward the guidance of project management project culture and philosophy:such as "project management culture": maintain a happy mood; advocate thecommunication atmosphere; emphasize the pragmatic style; the spirit of the pursuit of excellence. "Project management" idea: meeting + not implement = 0; layout work + does not check = 0 etc.. He was still in the original basis ofmanagement culture and management concept, combined with the corporate culture put forward by the employees' professional moral standard as the criterion proposed "project culture reengineering view" and "safety, quality,cost, risks" as the core of project culture construction. The target was put forward, so as to make the project staff feel the organization of their ardent hopes and requirements for human resources to do a good foundationengineering; also the owners feel that general management standardization,strive for the initiative in order to win the market. Respect, communication andwin-win, harmonious and friendly project culture, came into being in his subtle influence, has laid a good foundation for the project operation.

To resolve the problem of project management to "management innovation"

Then Phoenix Project Manager Zhao Liang led his team will "consider thequality standard of automobile industry the most common problem number" into the Phoenix project quality management, the number average flow sectionquality too small trouble. In the Phoenix Project Structure in engineering, is divided into two parts of the main building and the podium, respectively by thetwo services company for the construction. This situation also to "problemnumber" management policy. His project department through the refinement ofthe quality management system, a clear management responsibility for each post personnel quality. To explore problems and reasons through each partition will gather to form a database record, by optimizing the process, to be "problem" to fall again. Under his leadership, management by using micro innovation management way, without any increase in cost of the circumstances, to achieve new breakthroughs in the management method.

During the construction project of MCC tower, Zhao Liang led his team, thepipe jacking construction technology of concrete pouring of concreteapplication to the settlement later poured zone, not only to ensure the quality of pouring of the late poured band, but also avoid the soil covering large areaexcavation constraints on the construction site, and achieved good economic benefits, through the management technological innovation, the cumulativecost savings of up to 8000000 yuan, every this a variety of, be too numerous to enumerate. Consciousness of innovation, good at innovation, dare to innovate, not only to ensure the efficient construction of the project, but also bring new profit growth point for the project.

To promote enterprise development by "system innovation"

In 2013 October, Zhao Liang was appointed Chinese 22mcc group Chong Jiancompany legal representative, general manager. After taking office more than a year's time, he proposed to create "good vision Jianmeng worship", from 3 to5 years in the first echelon group, become the star group of top-notchenterprise, Dongcheng District enterprise, let employees work here to experience "work with pride, life is happiness", build "home" culture, let the company operating results benefit all employees, realize "Chong Jianmeng".He also puts forward the innovation of "123" the work of thinking, "345"working methods, "567" measures, based on full understanding to Chong Jiancompany existing situation, he led the company all staff explored andimplemented innovative "four reforms", relates to the incentive mechanism,strengthen the project department staff capacity the construction of the "" five control a "assessment scheme" and organs, branch of the "" three degrees ofa hit "assessment scheme"; to construct a new model of financial management and budget management and finance and budget studio studio established;pay close attention to the performance, in order to perfect the system of escort"project personnel allocation, Dinggang quota scheme". Redefine the branchfunction "material branch of new institutional settings" and so on. Zhao Liangzheng led his team to the "do not delay one day, also do not slack off for a day" enterprising spirit, and strive to achieve the development history of Beijing Chong Jian company on a new brilliance.

He diligently attitude, not to move or retreat of the faith and the innovation of the work

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