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"A female driver -- China 22mcc group New Energy Company crane driver Yang Chunying man"

Writer:Bai XiuchunSource:New Energy Company Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


Yang Chunying is an excellent crane driver, also China 22mcc group New Energy Company only female crane drivers. The building site in the "men inthe world", she does is 10 years.

In 2003, New Energy Company first phase of crawler crane driver training, shegraduated with excellent grades, began her career in the crane driver. Study period, with the leadership of the trust and the relatives of the Commission, in non iodine raging days, ran the first construction destination - Ningbo Jianlongsteel.

"Women does not allow a man", this is good, although women, she is not the girl's Jiao drops and weak, in the site, she and a man in the rain in the wind,drilling, line, live drafty little house, never called crying tired, so ordinary andunknown to the public work. In the work, often can see her skilled in rotationwith 50 tons of crawler crane operation knob on the red disc, put a giant steel or material slowly lifted, avoid leaning to either side to fall in the specified place. Often the same action repeated many times, how many pieces of liftingequipment, she didn't remember. Because the operation are imported equipment, Yang Chunying often you together in my spare time, control data,English Chinese dictionary, the English operating instructions in the commonpart of the translation and annotation, convenient for daily inspection, in her words: with their own convenience, but also for the company save trouble.

The beginning of good Ningbo Jianlong steel lifting process, 50 tons crawlercrane Yang Chunying where the unit more dry experience, especially in theBeijing modern automobile city construction, win the lessee to praise highly.When the company sent management personnel quality of service return, the tenant manager Yang repeatedly said: "we rented so much equipment, will not have your company so good driver!" To win the praise for the company, which is the most proud of Yang Chunying's things!

In order to ensure that the site of the hoisting crane at any time to listen to theneeds, dispatch command, the toilet will inevitably delay the time, as long as the site of a start, as long as she climbed the crane cab, rarely get off half-wayto go to the bathroom. Even for less on the toilet, every day she did not dare to drink plenty of water, until the colleagues shifts to. In summer, the sunbaked hot crane. In spite of the fan in the cab, but it seems that much sweat,continue to follow her hat brim to flow to the cheeks, but her eyes were stillclosely watched scheduling gesture, waiting for the "instruction", occasionally wipe sweat, continue to put in the work.

In daily life, Yang Chunying is the overall situation and not to lose the women'sgentle and careful. In order to two small teacher younger brother to take care of the same unit, if not her duty she also active and small teacher younger brother with the night shift nursing equipment, concern and care with colleagues. She often encourage people to make concerted efforts, to discuss something with to go out is, on behalf of the company, not to the company to discredit. Engineering strained due to special work, sometimes, Spring Festival is no shutdown, young drivers have to leave their parents in the field have the Spring Festival, in order to take care of out with colleagues, Yang Chunying quietly bought poker and firecrackers, to celebrate the holidays, let everybodynot so homesick. Fan hoisting construction site often mountain or a deep valley, traffic inconvenience is a common feature in Hancheng, whenconstruction, to climb the disc dirt road to the eight km long out of the valley,usually to buy some daily necessities are very difficult. It was in this condition,the end of the project, set other men are responsible for stock transfer to another site, and Yang Chun Ying alone, and the lessee late rental feesettlement, the successful settlement until she was alone for the ride is headed to the construction site of the new.

Because of Yang Chunying's outstanding performance, after two years, she was appointed captain of 50 tons crawler crane. Later, because the child in need of care, she had to leave the love of crawler crane construction site,back to the company as a crane operator, continued to show women'spresence in the "driver's operation team to help men" in the.

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