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Innovation to support for a piece of day -- the two national patents authorized recipients Chinese 22mcc group gold junction Northeast company branch manager Liu Ruiqiang

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In 2014, China 22mcc group gold knot company 2 technical achievementsobtained national patent, and the patent certificate 2 has the same name -- Liu Ruiqiang.

Liu Ruiqiang is the gold company Northeast Branch Manager, he since years of grassroots level, stick to the road of independent innovation and technological innovation, with emphasis on the promotion and application of key projects to carry out technology research, innovation and new technology,and gradually grow into the steel structure processing and installation, project management, technology R & D and marketing experience of composite steeltalent, to enhance the gold node technology company independent research and development ability and brand influence of outstanding contribution.

The field of BIM display one's skill

BIM as the current construction industry to the forefront of technology, with visualization, coordination, simulation and can be five characteristics of map,optimization, plays an important role in improving the production efficiency,save cost and shorten the construction period. In 2014, the group company's lead, gold knot founded the first BIM Innovation Studio, continue to strengthentraining and BIM technology research and development work.

Liu Ruiqiang from the future development trend of the steel structure industryto consider, under the big focus on BIM technology research and development and promotion. His long-standing project to Changchun international automobile exhibition hall and the Shenyang North Railway Station overhead waiting room two projects as the research carrier, in the domestic steelstructure production simulation measurement technology in steel structure andlarge steel making equipment field experience completely zero, he andtechnical personnel according to different components of feature point,production technology, operation the efficiency and the environment, the required measurement accuracy etc, through thousands of tests and try ondifferent measurement techniques are repeated exploration and verificationsimulation. After hundreds of "project, the construction site, the dormitory" 3.1poor days, 3D digital technology successfully into the production of measuringtechnology system, measuring method, equipment selection and after treatment technology of philosophy, not only make up for the blank of steel structure fabrication and installation field simulation measurement technology,providing more measurement basis and tip more precise technical supportsteel structure construction, to solve the construction problem of large numbers of components entity pre installed measurement. Held in ChineseConstruction Industry Association "first construction BIM application contest",Liu Ruiqiang and the independent research and development and technical personnel of the "Shenyang North Railway Station overhead waiting roomengineering steel structure manufacturing and installation of three prize of BIM and related technology development and application" won, achievements by the experts reached domestic advanced level.

Science and technology lead the indisputable pioneer

"To have self-respect, self-confidence and independent innovation and strongsense of responsibility." Liu Ruiqiang has been held in the forefront of the steel structure of science and technology management and innovation, to create cutting-edge technology, another record in the construction steel structure industry, has created a miracle, a number of technology has reached the domestic advanced level.

In the production of the Algeria Orlando stadium steel structure function in the process, Liu Ruiqiang found that the complex node full elbow traditional small angle is often adopted in the cast steel node, not only the high cost, since the major and complicated casting process, the traditional lofting method is not suitable, the problem of precision of ultrasonic detection technology, creative use of AutoCAD modeling, along the circumferential arc bending tube long(polar) differential section lofting method of drawing intersecting line; cutting machine programming technology and the combination of plasma cutting CNCuse of thin steel plate after cutting, directly into the intersecting line model;using computer 3D modeling technology, can adjust the mould, feature pointspacing, space angle control method for three-dimensional assembly; the whole node 3D digital simulation analysis of measurement technology of precision measurement technology and bias by shooting, scanning and sensing films and so on, a full range to ensure the production of precision.Small angle independent research and development of the "whole bend lookstubular joint production technology" can not only replace the traditional cast steel nodes, greatly reduce the construction cost, reduce the weight of structure, but also greatly improves the machining efficiency and accuracy of this kind of nodes, and make up the tubular joints of domestic pipe structure construction technology about the main, secondary straight intersectionbetween axis angle theta < 15 degrees of blank making technical aspects.

Liu Ruiqiang study, innovation, has completed the 2 ministerial work, presided over the completion of 1 ministerial QC results, obtained 2 ministerial level scientific and technological achievements, presided over, to participate in the completion of 4 national patents, 3 academic papers published in national publications, boosting the company independent innovation of science and technology development level.

Project management success

Liu Ruiqiang seeks to integrate theory with practice, to promote productiontechnology, technology and development, with emphasis on the key projects to carry out the work of research, innovation and technology, but also will daily technical achievements to rapidly implement, promotion to the new project,promote the project quality and efficient to carry out the science and technology, create economic benefits for enterprises.

Liu Ruiqiang has participated in the construction of key projects of BeijingSiemens headquarters, China World Trade Center Wukesong stadium, the three period, Qingdao Wanbang center, Singapore Medical Building,Singapore A380 hangar at home and abroad. Through these works, in practice, fumble a mature application technology of preparation technology of steel structure of multimedia 3D technology scheme and integrated construction method, greatly improve the compilation basis traditional technology program, improve the efficiency and reliability of the scheme selection, contrast. Especially to research 3D digital simulation, simulationcontrol technology and steel pipe, steel cold bending technology in steelstructure specialty, and the creation of steel structure 3D digital simulation and control technology, newer and more advanced testing means for the complexprocess of the steel structure processing to provide, for the company by metallurgy to civil, large public buildings, electricity and bridge steel.

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