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Chinese 22mcc group Beijing Tianrun company held a working meeting of Party System

Writer:Cao HongyanSource:Tianrun company Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


In December 23, 2014, China 22mcc group Beijing Tianrun company held a working meeting of party system, all staff, deputy party secretary Zhou Changdong and the Department of party work around Beijing Tianruncompany grass-roots unit Party branch secretary to attend the meeting.

On the meeting, each basic level Party branch secretary report quarterlysummary of the work and the next month work arrangements, deputy party secretary Zhou Changdong after listening to the various Foundation report,stressed the need to do the following: one is the project department to do a good job at the end of the finishing work, completes the company suggestions activity, do a good job at the end of double appraisal work do a good job,rating "four" party organization and the "four advantages" of the Communist Party, do a good job of democratic life meeting for comment proposed work,do a good job of Congress call for proposals; the two is to do a good jobduring the two dimensional stability, further strengthen security work; three is to require the Secretary to strengthen their quality and professional ability construction, to enhance learning, improve their own ability; four is to strengthen the focus on the field of cultural construction, so that the visualrecognition system can guide the practice of true; five is the suit one's measures to local conditions, carry out "a dear" cultural activities; the six is to strengthen basic account work; seven is to do a good job of propaganda work,enhance the news manuscript level; eight is to do a good job in the work of cadres nine is to do a good job of wage reform.

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