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The intention of casting products

Writer:Ma YandongSource:Quality management d Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15
  • "The intention of casting quality" is the company's brand philosophy, the quality of the work of these years is around this concept launched a very fruitful work. Company to the quality standard of each project are located the highest national architectural award "Luban prize", and take this as the goal,striving to be the brand of the company. Through the plan, has the goal ofexcellence work, let the company "the intention of casting quality" brand philosophy become the real power to drive the quality work forward.

  • Through unremitting efforts, so far, the company has been awarded the"Luban Award" 8, only in 2010 won the "Luban Award" 3. The 8 won the "Luban Award" of the project are: two ironmaking plant of Steel Corp Tang Gang project, No. 1 blast furnace of two rolling mill of Tang Gang Steel Corp,Laiwu Steel Group Ltd steel bar project medium section engineering, BeijingFinancial Street B3 building project, Shougang Jingtang Steel Corp coking project, Shougang Jingtang steel joint limited liability company a step (ironsmelting steelmaking) project, Tang Gang city water and advanced treatment of industrial wastewater and comprehensive utilization project, Shougang cold-rolled sheet production line project.

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