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Quality Engineering Exhibition1

Writer:Ma YandongSource:Quality management d Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15

"The intention of casting quality" is China 22mcc group brand concept, qualitywork around this idea spread very fruitful. The implementation of the "do does,the quality of the idea do fine", always adhere to the quality of life for the enterprise management ideas, do a project, a monument to the tree, to create excellent, shaping the brand, famous for the first time to do, no sorting earnedquality; both the construction of production or operation and management, no matter is the front or rear, no matter in what position, must take the work quality of engineering quality, in the first place, strict demanding, be strict in one's demands, refine on, continuous improvement.

It is the concept of brand and quality based on this notion, from 1984 up to now, the company has access to provincial and ministerial level quality of steel structure engineering 167, 8 items of gold medal of national high quality project, 9 silver award, the highest award "national construction engineering Luban Award" 8. At present, the company is the quality and development, to the quality and benefit, take the fine management of the road, through the plan, has the goal of engineering excellence work, make the company "the intention of casting quality" brand philosophy truly become the source power to drive the quality work progress, become a driving force for the development of the company.



Project Name: Project 1 of No. two blast furnace ironmaking plant of Tangshan Iron and Steel Corp

Construction unit: China twenty-second Metallurgical Construction Company

Completion date: 1989 September

Luban prize winning time: 1992

Project introduction: two ironmaking plant of Tangshan Iron and a number of Steel Corp 1260 cubic meters blast furnace project, located in Tangshan CityBeijiao District of Tangshan Iron and steel iron expansion, Tangshan Iron and steel "seven five" plan 1500000 tons of steel supporting project. Designed annual production capacity of 750000 tons. Engineering design by the Institute of Beijing iron and steel design and research, China twenty-second Metallurgical Construction Company construction, the project started in 1986October, 1989 September completed and put into operation.

Blast furnace project by the blast furnace body, 4 seat of internal combustiontype hot air stove, 2 casthouse, feeding the main unit main belt corridor, dust removal system and main control room engineering. Blast furnace body andthe furnace body diameter of 11 meters, 82 meters high, a total construction area of 65000 square meters.

Advanced engineering design, high degree of automation. Engineeringconstruction difficulty is big, the time is tight. The implementation of the project manager in the construction responsibility system, the implementation of total quality management, perfect quality system, strengthening quality assurance,project quality to achieve the level of excellence, commissioning a successfulcompletion of the project, quality engineering quality supervision station personnel, a pass rate of 100% units, Cheng Youliang rate of 86%, won the first prize of the 4 blast furnaces in competition in the same industry in thesimilar period, in 1991 won the title of quality engineering of Ministry of metallurgical industry.


Name of project: two rolling mill of Tangshan Iron and steel bar engineeringSteel Corp

Construction unit: China twenty-second Metallurgical Construction Company

Completion date: 1996 June

Luban prize winning time: 1998

Project introduction: Bar Plant of Tangshan Iron and 600000 tons annual production capacity of the largest steel bar production line, the main products for the phi 12- Phi 50 steel and screw steel. The whole project investment 520000000, construction area of 4700m2, total 4780t 35km equipment,industrial pipe, cable 220km, steel structure of 4700t, the total installed capacity of 28321km. Mechanical equipment factory in Italy to introduceDanieli bar equipment, electrical equipment, the introduction of Americangeneral equipment products.

Bar project since the start, the company conscientiously implement the quality policy, to promote technological progress, strengthen the professional target management, the construction of each procedure according to the technical norms of the State Construction and quality assessment standards, strict quality control, do the elaborate organization, careful construction. The projecthas a total of 65 construction units, engineering units of the excellent and good rate was 84.6%, the qualified rate was 100%. The project was named the national construction industry new technology application demonstration project.


Project Name: Laiwu Steel Group Ltd rolling medium section Engineering

Construction unit: China twenty-second Metallurgical Construction Company

Completion date: 1998 August

Time: 2000 Luban prize

Project introduction: the medium section steel engineering is the Asian Development Bank loans to invest in the construction of key projects in Shandong Province, is supporting the project in metallurgical industry adjust product structure, increase the varieties, the Ministry of construction to promote the application of H steel. The main products are H type steel,channel steel, angle steel, steel for mine, mine U steel, annual output of 500000 tons.

Engineering production line plant long 887m, construction area of 36267.5m2,plant adopts whole steel structure, concrete filled steel tube column, steelcrane beam, roof is a steel net structure, upper color pressure plate, wall forcolor pressure plate.

The application of temperature control technology of mass concrete in construction of watering, prevent cracks. Concrete filled steel tube using liftingtechnology, ensure the quality and construction period. Waterproof concrete with UEA expansive agent, ensure the concrete impermeable.

The medium section steel engineering there are 27 unit project, by Laigang metallurgical supervision station assessment, Shandong Province Metallurgicalsupervision station unit project review, the excellent and good rate was 92.6%,in 1999 was named the quality model project of metallurgical industry,Shandong Province in 2000 was awarded the Taishan cup award.



Project Name: Beijing Financial Street B3 building engineering

Construction unit: China Metallurgical Jingtang Construction Co Ltd

Completion date: 2007 February

Time: 2008 Luban prize

Project Profile: Beijing Financial Street B3 building project is the construction of MCC Jingtang Construction Co Ltd five Stars Hotel project, the project is a collection of hotels, apartments, restaurants, fitness for the integration of comprehensive construction. The project total construction area of 117675m2,and four underground floors, the ground is divided into two parts of hotels and apartments, the main structure for frame shear wall structure, the foundation for beam slab.

The project by the Beijing Jin Hao real estate development company limited to invest; Yin Jian Beijing Construction Project Management Co., Ltd supervision;America cooperation BBG architects, American SOM architects andZhongyuan International Engineering Design and Research Institute ofMetallurgical Construction Engineering Design; high technology limited liabilitycompany, China Metallurgical Jingtang Construction Co Ltd General construction contractor.

The project has won the Beijing city the Great Wall gold cup, Beijing citycivilization site, Beijing City, the construction of the the Great Wall gold cup,the Ministry of construction technology demonstration projects to promote,China Metallurgical Group of science and technology progress award two award, national quality engineering, metallurgical industry QC group achievement prize two, 2006 of the national excellent project management achievements prize two. "Integrated project management - management of information technology in Beijing Financial Street B3 building projects in theapplication experiences and achievements made in 2007" national industrialconstruction industry project management forum thesis competition first prize.

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