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In fact, happiness is very simple

Writer:Song YupingSource:New Energy Company Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


Chat with a friend, always listen to the exclamation oneself life is not good, nogood job, job, income...... In a word, five words: work is not happy!

Happy is the day, the day is not happy, you will choose what kind of way tospend the day? We have many people really go to choose this problem orreally do? We also give myself lots of excuses and for many reasons, to hisunhappy for support. We are always to blame the objective problem around,and seldom go to confront our subjective factors. But we had not calm, reviewyourself not. Sometimes, as long as we calm down, and think about it,complaining, dissatisfied, unhappy Is it right? Can change everything? If not,why don't we happy, optimistic point. Perhaps, after the calm, can think of a better way to face the life now.

Happy work? Friends protest: "I am busy all the day all Mangsi, tired,exhausted, which still have time happy, just no way to live, in order to makehimself comfortable point, only hard work!" But, have you thought of that? The work will take up a person's life time, the fun of work lost, how much you lose?Happy to their own, as long as you want to be happy, no man can take it away from you. So you have to learn to give yourself happy, you happy every daywith a smile! Smile more every day, happy every day a little more, believe we can completely lit up our work in the ordinary work of passion. Learn to find the pleasure from the work, rather than waiting can bring us pleasure thingshappen in the future; love, to work as a cause to do more but to care about gains and losses; not only treat it as a means of livelihood, and regard it asthe development of their own potential and talent for.

Happy work, happy mood, happy, happy work. To work a smiling face every day, work will give us a pleasant surprise, life will be more exciting, we leaveevery step will be more clear. This is the happiness and happy life. Look at thesuccess, think of the ordinary, let we advocate dedication to society, return to shareholders, the development of enterprises, for the benefit of employees of the enterprise value, strong learning, strive to enrich themselves, not only have the initiative, but also keep the common heart, happy to work, finding happiness at work! Let oneself can a bright shining light in which position no matter.

For the work, whether happy, depending on the state of mind. We can't change the world, but we can change ourselves, we can not change theevents, but we can change the state of mind. Work, for every employee, is akind of mission, we all love it, to complete it, full of emotion which shows thatthe target of enterprise is our goal. We work for ourselves, again painstakingly again tired, also can enjoy it. So, to find happiness in life at work, only to establish the correct concept of the work is still not enough, but also have a positive work attitude. Only the work as a happy thing to do, have a chance to get work happy. The life lies in the accumulation, there are input to return, in career starting line, armed their minds in a positive corporate values, it is particularly important. Others successful careers, is worth learning and reference. But in front of us ten years, or twenty years, for our life, it is the strongest vitality, have age enough physical strength and energy accumulation of knowledge and experience for their own life, we are picking up light if heavyto work hard, look where where? Is the only taste it, or continue to learn,continue to accumulate? Is a monk knocks day clock, positive or conscientiousconscientious work? This relationship not only with our own quality of life, is also related to the rise and fall of our cause......

In fact, happy is very simple. Think about it, we are all pay and efforts, nor is his life can be better, can some happier? Why don't we in the work on the side,the side to cherish the people around, to cherish the things around you, happy work, happy life?

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