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A snowy day

Writer:Gao CongyingSource:The three companies Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


Snow, white and flawless God Messenger, then act recklessly and care for nobody, so be light of heart from care under the float, let my yearning, make me jealous!

Snow day is always good, I look at the snow day, because, I love and admireHongmei in snow, the snow against Hong Mei is so beautiful, white crystal of snow and the Confidante smiling Mei dependent blending, always makepeople's mind was filled with the kind of character of beauty, white beauty, in the soul stirring wave ripples...... Snow, a kind of pure and quiet beauty,always can let a heart tranquil, relieved.

I unconcealed feel snow charming. Just as simple childhood mood, like lost in the time of one of the place, it is difficult to find. I can do only seems to miss,miss the childhood a snowy day, miss hometown that big white plains, gold and silver clear without any waste, pure like a child's mind.

Snow is cold breath balderdash, elegant dancing in between heaven and earthbecome the depth of winter, the winter is not the most beautiful its name, nor is it cold, but that the snow. When the snow all over the sky, I will walk on thispiece of flower bedding white carpet, I will even lie down and look up at the sky, each snowflake is like a beautiful girl dancing in the sky, they have their own melody, my dance steps, as if this is one of the most beauty real dancerperformance of a lifetime. When closing the eyes, snow but became a naughty child, sometimes beating against my cheek, and kiss my lips. I don't know how long the snowflakes dancing, they are taking a rest, a piece of land for thepreparation of a flawless white snow, as if the snow still can smell the scent.

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