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In 2014 the feeling

Writer:Wang YunxuanSource:Guangdong company Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


In 2014 December, it is the end of the year, also represents the beginning of a new year, looking back at the past, is a beautiful poem, record fine; bow foot,is a rise of Xindu, flourishing!

In Ye three working years, I from the first the ignorance of graduates into the safety officer, succeeded. In four a project done, welcomed the leadership of provincial inspection, experienced the strict requirements of the owner,experienced professional supervision inspection, and colleagues to fight together, march forward courageously led workers.

Ye a dear, wish for project miles.

We travel in the spring breeze chilly, leaving a pale color, rushed to a project,accept a wish.

We struggle in the summer, cicadas, shed sweat, tackle key problem of countless, site busy.

We stayed up late in the autumn leaf red, wearing a black cloak, holding theblueprint will be, only to realize our promise.

We trudged through the snow white, the completion of a project, return an owner, create brilliant.

We all extremely lonely, but together we will full of warmth, we all far away from home, but together we will never lonely!

The new year, is a new beginning, in this new start, we will face how wonderfullife?

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