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he maternal love

Writer:Xu XinSource:The three companies Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


Britain's 26 year old mother Cartier 20 weeks of pregnancy, doctors found thefetal brain dysplasia, and that the fetus after birth may be unable to speak and walk, suggest the abortion, but when Cartier see fetal from time to time "smile"from the screen, still in the womb of fiddling with the hands and feet, showstrong vitality, she thinks, fetal disability does not hinder him to enjoy life, so the decision whether after the birth of his son how fate, will not deprive him of the right to live. As a result of fetal deformity, cannot swallow amniotic fluid,Cartier was treated very painful in the last 9 weeks of pregnancy. Someone once asked her to give birth to a child who may not live long and suffer so much, really worth it? In this regard, Cartier said, as a mother, she is willing to pay all for children, this is to be a mother's duty. Although the final in the 9 hours after birth the baby died, but said that her Cartier, is the happiest time of my life.

Read the news, I was deeply touched, talking about "this two word love", can not help it wet eyes.

Some time ago, a family dinner, 73 year old grandmother in the feeling we this generation of children food rich after speaking of her three children, when myaunt was caught with 61 years, 62 years of great famine, my grandfather one earns rations to feed the family 6 people, simply to eat not satisfied, having myaunt so thin and wrinkled, two toes and right are not separated, said at the time, the grandmother sigh, red eyes. Maybe a lot of the time, the children do not feel gratitude to parents, not to nurture the heart to repay their parents,but the parents in each heart forever not enough love their children, always feel owe them too much.

In fact, we this generation person is particularly happy, my parents are the generation suffered, in old Baotou, what can not eat, grandmother to savemoney to buy their children a snack about life, what to buy a crab apple,tomato three kilos, three children on average, grandma every time my dadsaid, half, slipped into his pocket, then in the five seven factory work no matter how tired, how bitter day, grandma's heart is full of sweet. My grandmother is 73 years old, recalling 30 years ago these things, still moved to tears. A few years later, old issues may those who can remember, but really is the most precious memories in the life of the mother.

Now at noon every day after work, I was greeted by a full table right left a panof hot food, really, every dish as the hotel taste delicious, but nutrition package is a 73 year old work one morning with a "". What time do you get into the house, she had some dinner. In fact, every day to eat into the stomach is not food, is full of love. Home from work every day, no matter how the mood, I will happy, your smile is a old sunny all day, if you are not happy, may beseveral days old successive are not happy.

Every one of us is mother's treasures, the world only love is our inexhaustiblebe inexhaustible mother positive energy in the rest of one's life. Colleagues,timely filial piety, spend a bit more time to accompany their parents, for theirmany leave some memories, this is their pursuit of the true wealth! Pleasecherish their side colleagues, because they are also the hearts of the mostprecious treasure their mother.

The new year is approaching, I wish the world all mother good health, happy.

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