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Word check

Writer:Song YupingSource:New Energy Company Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


Shaping the main source of the cornerstone of building construction enterprise productivity formed in the engineering project, the allocation of factors of production, focus on the engineering project,safety and quality is reflected in the economic efficiency of the project, to create to the project, the staff of the build-up in the project, the enterprise culture highlights show to the project, the enterprise brand integration in engineering project...... Each project during construction, to meet the variety from all aspects of the inspection and guidance, owners, supervision of Partyorganizations, and group, molecular organization of the company, and even meet the provinces, to inspect and guide the leadership of the city and state leaders. A three, five year project stem to end, all aspects of the leaders at all levels, to inspect and guide the less is dozens of times, more than 100 times, so many inspection guidance, if from the negative point: more or less affected the progress of construction site; considered from the positive aspects: there are so many leaders, the unit concerned our engineering, pay attention to our enterprises, it is our show "opportunity to", we should seize the opportunity, to show a good corporate culture, expand market visibility, to occupy more market share in publicity. It is the work of the project meet good check overall "strategic"deployment of an indispensable part of.

During the project inspection, focus mostly on safety quality control, construction schedule, site civilized construction etc.. Safety is the "life", is the quality of the credibility of the enterprise, is the fundamental, safety and quality is the foundation of the enterprise's sustainable development,progress is the contract performance, site civilized construction is the visual expression of the corporate culture, image, progress, civilized construction is the need of the development of science.Therefore, to meet the check must be in the following several aspect, make the focus of theexamination to become a part of our project construction, standardized, in daily constructionimplement.

A, site clean, colorful flags, take, highlight key

The site clean and tidy is orderly, enterprise culture construction, project spirit appearance reflect,is left to check the first visual impression of the leadership, the first impression is done bad, after the reverse very laborious. Flags, logos, signs and other neat uniform, take constructionatmosphere is rising way, banners, slogans, and easy to understand, easy to remember toresounding slogan, highlight the construction period is the focus of the work. According to the different emphasis of each construction stage, publicity prominent construction key, a kind ofspiritual expression project, enterprise external environment construction, namely lets knowenthusiasm, project department actively cooperate with, more let the project internal unity of thinking as the stage goal.

The site is the need to maintain a clean, two is to timely cleaning, three is to set a fixed place to meet the examination, from passive acceptance to guide inspection change. Flags flying, take this is the need for full participation, not only through inserting flags before the examination, inprominently hanging banners, banners, important is to benefit by mutual discussion, common for publicizing the key construction and enterprise culture brainstorming.

Two, dress neatly, lined up orderly, full of spirit, a hundred responses to a hundreds.

Chinese 22mcc group company is affiliated to the world top five hundred enterprises of ChinaMetallurgical Group Limited company of state-owned and large comprehensive enterprise, is theconstruction team has its own characteristic enterprise culture, not up East West fight out inferiorteam, not only the construction and production management has ordered uniform, uniform in theexternal performance -- dress will. To meet the "guests" to be polite, not "drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters", to be lined up neatly, let the inspectors have the pride parade, queue can guideinspection direction: down the parade went to the construction site is the natural direction to check.

Queue personnel cannot cachexia, to Beamish, full of spirit, a firm handshake, let come to inspect and guide the leadership feel our team spirit, to a hundred responses to a hundreds, the applauseto like thunder, the expression is determined to heroism, moved to check from behavior ofleadership.

Three, site inspection, to explain the warm, reporting, to listen to advice.

Guidance for on-site inspection, whether experts or scholars, regardless of group leadership ormolecular company leaders, we try to do a good job of interpretation, this is not the unnecessary, is necessary, because one is to eliminate the inspection personnel to some inevitablemisunderstanding in the construction, two is to propaganda project, enterprises in the construction of the overall deployment. Report on the work is "a good time performance", should not only have the written material, there should be more intuitive slide audio-visual data report, to illustrate theoverview of the project, construction progress, safety and quality control and current achievements,for the owners, to provincial and municipal leaders, to the group company, Ltd and other moleculartargeted do a good job of reporting materials, cannot follow the same pattern.

After inspection, the convening of the site forum is a must. The venue layout carefully: from bannerto the microphone, to advance planning layout from the desktop to the seat, guide the staff in place. For the check presented ideas, suggestions, must arrange carefully recorded, not only at the meeting site said improved determination, more should be perfected in the next examination before,this is the concrete manifestation of "executive force to", also can "keep pace with the times"performance.

Four, memorial, polite farewell message, report timely, effective publicity.

This is we humbly listen to the views of all parties of the hand. We gotta check do have a beginning and an end, welcome visitors and see them off is the basic courtesy, cannot check the front just to go out, we is in a mess, yawning, stretching, abusive...... Check the leader suddenly think to entrusta what a turn around, we are a "prototype" that is the work not completed. After the examination to report in a timely manner, illustrated, the key content of this inspection project publicity,achievements and future plans, the purpose is to vigorously promote the typical driving otherproject in some aspects of progress, so as to achieve common progress.

Five, summary, carry on achievement, draw a lesson.


Check and meet the checks are not objective, more important is to solve the problem put forward the improvement measures, then summarize the more targeted. To summarize, it is to affirm theachievements and experience, but also pointed out the deficiencies and lessons, so as to carry forward our achievements, lessons. Different and general summary is to check in, meet in goodpraise. If the acceptance by the very important, a good opportunity to have a celebration when conditions permit is morale.

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