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Strengthen the project cost management I to see

Writer:Yu YangSource:Gold company Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15

At present, China 22mcc group company is under pressure to strengthen the project cost management, enhance the level of project operation and profitability, as a general staff, full ofChuaizhe enterprise stronger, wings of hope, tentatively false talk about personal point of theproject cost management knowledge.

Project management is an important part of modern enterprise management, and the project cost management is the priority among priorities of the engineering project management. Constructionprojects are generally costly, a project often need to invest millions, tens of millions or evenhundreds of millions of dollars of funds. During the course of project construction cost control canbe in the plan, so as to achieve the expected goal of planning before the project is started, each enterprise is the topic of most concern. Moreover, in our country, most projects adopt the form of bidding final results. Once the project is determined, the total contract price of the basic lock. In this case, the enterprise wants to obtain profit, realize the maximization of the profit goal, only achieved through strengthening the cost management of the project. This requires the continuous improvement of the project cost management emphasis on strength, strengthen the awareness of full cost management project, cost control to boost the project runs through the whole process of construction project.

In short, the project cost management can be understood as the contractor to make the project cost control, plan, control, adjust the prediction, accounting, analysis and assessment of managementwork in program objectives within the. Development of specific projects to rely on cost management plan, cost estimating, cost budget, cost control four process to complete. It generally has thefollowing several important principles:

One is the lowest cost of the principles. All objective management activities of construction enterprises, it is the pursuit of lower than the industry average cost level, and get the maximum profit by made the biggest difference in cost. The construction should pay attention to the possibility of reducing costs and reasonable cost of the minimum. On the one hand, various mining capacity to reduce costs, make the possibility into reality; on the other hand, we should proceed from reality,formulated through the subjective efforts could achieve a reasonable level of the minimum cost.

Two is the overall cost control principles. The overall cost control should be reflected in the cost management of the "three" -- full, all-round, the whole process, to the scientific cost managementas the basis, established by the participation of all staff, including the whole process of enterprise management, a comprehensive cost management system, and a pooled full wisdom, full member ofthe initiative, so that the business layer, the Department, project manager department andconstruction team staff can reduce the cost of conformance, seek the lowest cost condition,production management and organization operation.

Three is the dynamic control principle. We often say that "the plan did not change quickly,engineering construction process fully all the variability and unpredictability factors factors.According to the changes of various factors in the process of construction, flexible implementation of dynamic control on the construction process of material consumption, optimization of construction scheme, the post-mortem valuation, field management for monitoring content, and constantly correct the deviation in the process of cost formation, guarantee the realization of target cost.

The four is the responsibility, right and benefit of combining principle. Rights and responsibilities ofthe principles of cost control refers to the cost control to really play a role, must be in strict accordance with the requirements of economic responsibility system, implement the principle of combining the rights and responsibilities. Right refers to give the subject of control within the specified scope determines the expenses or not and how much spending power, which can control;responsibility is giving the subject of duty cost control duties, make its have the external pressure tocontrol costs; is periodic evaluation control industry control subject performance, to determine theintrinsic power which provide rewards and punishments the control of the main control,responsibility and benefit together constitute the incentive mechanism of control.

Now, building more and more fierce market competition, can obtain good economic benefits, based on the industry pioneer, project cost management become increasingly prominent role. Onlycontinue to strengthen the whole process of project cost management, the project cost controlthroughout the whole process of project construction. Good control of every detail of every stage, in order to ultimately achieve the purpose of the whole project cost management.

One is to strengthen control in advance. First of all, to strengthen the system construction. The project started, should be combined with the actual situation of enterprises, the feasibility of the establishment of operational and strict cost management system. System should be detailed and specific, clearly defined on a series of problems in project material quantity, quality, cost,responsibility, the scope of responsibility and punishment measures, time, measures. Forecast andplan to do a good job in the work of project cost. To make scientific analysis demonstration on the upcoming projects, carefully predict complete project total cost amount needed, which is cost control plan and objective evaluation basis. Choose the scientific construction plan, formulatedetailed project cost plan. Again do main material cost expenditure control. Reasonable selection ofmaterial suppliers, in guarantee the quality of materials at the same time, to ensure the lowest cost;materials approaching good relations, avoid the construction process and material losses and waste field loss of custody of the "three links", to ensure that the number of materials to avoid losingtons phenomenon.

Two is to strengthen the control in the middle. First of all, to strengthen the technical and quality management based on the actual construction site, optimization of construction scheme,construction technology improvement, strict implementation of quality responsibility, eliminate the quality accident, shutdown, rework, due to the phenomenon, the effective reduction of construction cost. Once again to strengthen safety management, increase the safety facilities investment,implement the security responsibility and security measures. Once again to strengthen inspection and supervision work,

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