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Be people oriented Ideological and political work in Enterprises

Writer:Song YupingSource:New Energy Company Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15

On April 28, 2013, general secretary of the national labor model Xi Jinping with representativestressed: "to create a people's history, labor to create the future. To achieve our goal, and createour bright future, we must rely firmly on the people, always for the people." The people is the fundamental social all goals, power resources, but also achieve the goal of the same, the staff is the fundamental enterprise development, enterprise development is the source of power, the author thinks that, the realization enterprise dream, we must focus on the enterprise development,the people-oriented this core is embodied in the guiding ideology, basic train of thought, method and the actual effect of the work of ideological work political business, and strive to do believe thatrelies on a worker, three aspects of cultivating education of workers, care treat employee effort.
One, closely rely on the workers, the enhancement enterprise cohesive force
Workers are the level of our enterprises, is to do the root, is the fundamental guarantee to runenterprises and inexhaustible fountain. Material and spiritual wealth of enterprises are relying on the staff of creation, production, to ensure the quality of products and the cohesion of the enterprise, culture force is to rely on all staff work together to accomplish the positive. "Freeenterprise" "people" "stop". To the masses of workers attitude is a fundamental attitude and position problems, is the watershed between historical materialism and historical idealism. So, as the administrator of the enterprise, to the problem to do things must adhere to the viewpoint of the masses, follow the mass line, do believe and rely on the worker, the moment can not be separated from the staff, adhere to the democratic management, democratic decision-making, and give full play to the cadres, workers one's ability and cleverness, try to avoid self reliant Gaoming, be opinionated, personal arbitrary bureaucracy, etc.. The ideological and political work in enterprisesalso must be based on trust and rely on the masses of workers, the policy to give chapter and verse for staff, told the staff as clear as noonday difficulties and problems, development andProspect of clearly tell employees; it must be based on the new practice and new development,open a new realm of Ideological and political work, and constantly open up new prospects for the development of enterprises the new mechanism of continuous construction, ideological and political work. To grasp the work implement, observe carefully the emotion of masses, persuasion and education, demonstration and guidance, provide service, let the employees to the enterprise inner identity and dependence, mobilize the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, as to enterprises largedevelopment offer force.
Two, strengthen the team construction, implement talent thriving enterprise strategy
The same enterprise, the same product, its management effects but be quite different, the most fundamental reason lies in the enterprise staff's quality, is the status of talents team. So the training and education of staff and workers, the construction of high-quality personnel, is a very urgent task.

"Soldier to Yong, first to device". The construction of learning type enterprise, cultivate knowledge workers, the workers need to be armed, not only the enterprise's survival and development, to maintain the vitality of staff, is also a kind of care and love. Therefore, enterprises should try various devices to enhance the quality of the staff, so that each employee has the opportunity,entrepreneurial officer stage, development direction. The quality of workers, including the ideological and political quality, scientific and cultural quality, technical service quality and healthquality. To improve the overall quality of the staff, must the overall planning of hierarchicalclassification don't implement. Ideological and political work should focus on the ideal and belief andthe citizen moral education, focus on the occupation moral, social morality and family virtueeducation, to form a common ideal, morals, values and norms in the staff training, team spirit anddare make tough fight style of thought, establish the fair competition, the customer is supreme,good faith thought, formed a unique corporate culture, make it become the enterprise developmentspiritual prop and power source.

Three, love and treat employee, earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of workers

Care workers of enterprises, workers are caring for the enterprise, treat workers of enterprises,workers could return in enterprise. To do the work with the profound feelings of the staff, bothteaching, guiding people, inspiring people, encouragement, and respect people, understand people, care about people, help people. To understand the demand of workers from the emotional,political, economic, life, to give full satisfaction, and earnestly safeguard the basic rights and interests of all the masses of workers, truly do practical things for the masses of workers a matter of conscience, strain every nerve problem solving, unremittingly to do good.

People have feelings, attention should be paid to the emotional and spiritual strength. The workers in the emotional need to focus on the family, friendship, love, people-oriented, do love and sincere,sincere, human, logical and blending, hearts are interlinked, force. The hearts of the workers, the root of the enterprise, the enterprise the most priceless things is exciting. To do more psychological balance, eliminating doubt and confusion, warm the heart of the work, to the workers drum airrefreshing, let a worker heart gas Shun, ease of mind and spirits into work and the process of production.

 Only to stick to human orientation, source and fundamental to find the development of the enterprise; the enterprise ideological and political workaim and effectiveness can be achieved; can we realize our dream of enterprises!

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