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"Corporate culture" is the life of enterprise

Writer:Song YupingSource:New Energy Company Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


Some people said: "the enterprise short-term success depends on luck,midterm success depends on management, long-term success depends on culture", some people said: "success by the leading small business, success depends on system in enterprise, success depends on the culture" of large enterprises, the two argument is the true saying. We Chinese 22mcc groupcompany is a large enterprise, also is the old enterprises, continue to maintain a prosperous, sustainable management "has become a hundred years old",also must rely on the enterprise culture must rely on its own advantages,continue to strengthen the building of enterprise culture.

Excellent corporate culture can be made permanent vitality of enterprises, the reason is that it has a strong incentive function. The relationship betweenbody and soul of enterprise culture and enterprise relationship like people like,is innate, two with a total of survival always. From the soul of the people means death, the body becomes a corpse. Left the corporate culture will cease to exist, leaving the outstanding enterprise culture, the enterprise also won'tbecome the outstanding enterprise.

The enterprise culture is the life of enterprise, incentive functions of enterprise culture and the life of the enterprise, the source of power. An enterprise onceforming excellent corporate culture, especially once the casting enterprisespirit -- the spirit of the enterprise, have the incentive function for a long time,the formation of long-term mechanism. It will make the enterprises become theevergreen tree with luxuriant foliage, maintain, long-term fruitful, it will not because of individual leaders, or even one term as leader of the turnover and the loss of life, not because of some employees import and weakened vitalityingrained, like trees, even if the occurrence of branch Ye Yishi on behalf of the radio, local disease also does no harm to keep vigorous vitality, does no harm to produce another batch of fruits.

A person must have the spirit of a nation, a spirit, an enterprise must also have the spirit of. Since we China 22mcc group company set up, after a tortuous course, suffered numerous difficulties and hardships of the test, has created a brilliant, still full of vitality, maintained a strong momentum of development, its basic reason lies in the supporting role of several generations of our China 22mcc people cast China ye the spirit of enterprisethe incentive function of China ye, depend on the excellent enterprise culture.

In short, to the development of an enterprise, to create a hundred years old, to be prosperous, it must develop their own corporate culture, make theenterprise values, development concept, risk concept for all staff identity, andcultural values should be synchronized to the development of the society, onlyclear corporate culture, to really penetrate into every corner enterprise management, like air, everywhere, is the only way to reach the final in unision , invincible. I wish Chinese 22mcc group in the path of the construction of enterprise culture, go broader more!

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