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One of the Chinese 22mcc group Luqiao geotechnical foundation Professional Company "trade union cadres into the grass-roots" campaign documentary series report

Writer:Zhou PoSource:Luqiao company Number of visits: Date:2015-01-27

Chinese 22mcc group Luqiao geotechnical foundation Professional Company in accordance with the "China 22mcc Group Limited company Union on carrying out face to face, heart to heart, honest, organized hundreds of trade union cadres into the base, to promote development, build a harmonious,increase vitality activities implementation plan" and the Luqiao companyspecific deployment, after pre arrangement, April 26th Professional Companyinto grass-roots trade union cadres the activities of the leading groupmembers Wang Xuemei and Zhou poured deeply Tianjin Shimao 04 plots of pile foundation project department to understand the situation of engineeringtechnology and quality of work, help the project technology personnel to solve technical problems.

Tianjin deputy project is the construction of foundation pit support in preparation, because the project technology personnel on the foundation supporting the lack of design experience and relevant design software, Wang Xuemei early in the morning to follow the project technology personnel in-depth on-site, detailed investigation of foundation pit surrounding environment, geological conditions, and then back to the project Department to seriously study the drawings, through software of Lizheng foundation pitcalculation to determine the initial several feasible supporting scheme from the point of view of technology and safety, and finally through the cost comparison, combined with safety, convenient construction and thecomprehensive situation, help the project department finalized in the distancenear site Weidang, using cement soil pile wall supporting form, high slope excavation of suspended net shotcrete supporting form and foundation pit the rainfall in the best supporting scheme by the rest of the region.

Grassroots activities under the another important work is to understand theidea of dynamic and the problem of life the technical quality of staff. Chief engineer Wang Xuemei and project technology personnel serious talk, a detailed understanding of the technical staff are thinking, to now engaged in the post and working environment of the opinions and demands of theenterprise system, enterprise development, advice and personal problems in life. By listening to the voices of employees, we realize that there are still some problems with management, the need to constantly improve, in future work toimprove quality, strengthen the innovation of enterprise culture construction,for the workers, do useful and good things.

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