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China 22mcc group Qinghai company fourth quarter moral classroom

Writer:Wang ZhihuaSource:Qinghai company Number of visits: Date:2015-01-27


China 22mcc group Qinghai company to carry out the "ruling the country bylaw is the weapon, good law is the premise of good governance" as the theme of the 2014 fourth quarter of moral classroom activities.

The period of "ruling the country by law is the moral class weapon, the good law is the premise of good governance" as the theme, mainly through thethought worry, sing songs, learning model, sutras, kind-hearted, send auspicious, good for 7 links throughout. Campaign kicked off in the "Si worry",in the song link, everybody together with a chorus of "civilization" in the song;learning model links, everyone together to review the classic Yang Shanzhou'smoving deeds; then everyone in under the leadership of the host with reading"to Jun Feng Gong expensive, such as law, upper and lower flat the upper and the lower flat Guoqiang," the classic quotations; in the kindness of the link, youpromised to with a good heart, to do a good, tolerance of others who send auspicious; in the link, the host to send you the blessing words; in good lift link,we promise to always remember the "home of the ill will Yuqing, accumulate evil home will have superabundant" this old saying, do good deeds, to be a good person.

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