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China 22mcc group Caofeidian technology company to carry out 2014 fourth period "moral lecture" activities

Writer:Jin DalongSource:Caofeidian technolog Number of visits: Date:2015-01-27

In December 25th, Chinese 22mcc group Caofeidian Technology Inc. four quarter of "moral lecture" activities in Qingdao finish a project departmentbegan to speak, the period of "moral forum" to "moral, morality" as the theme.

Activities are strictly in accordance with the provisions of part. In the "Si worry"link, along with the soothing music, everyone together for reflection, what did I do something helpful to others today, today I make progress now, I have not said hurtful today. Feel the importance of citizen moral. In "sing song" link,everybody sing "song" citizen moral. "Doctor," the most beautiful villages of Liu Guifang practical action to interpretation of the silent love character,establishing a learning model for us, but the project manager Comrade Wu Dongfeng are more practical action to set a good example to us. "Recite theclassic" let everyone learn the wisdom of ancient sages classic, throughproduct Read classic books, experience of doing good in the world, love each other but the criteria for life. In the "kindness" link, they said to be a man of integrity in later life, to be a hard-working person, be a kind person. General Secretary Hu Jintao put forward "Eight Honors and Eight Disgraces", is the period of activity for the auspicious words you sent. Finally, in the "good lift"link, we to each comrades present calls, hope that through this event to life in the future "be", sincerely hope that go into each individual moral lecture will be here kindness insights into everyday life in the mortal kindness, more save a little good thoughts, more for some acts of kindness, face life with a grateful heart, through the "one", and contribute to building a harmonious enterprise.

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