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Chinese 22mcc group Tianjin Corporation to carry out the "moral lecture" activities

Writer:XukeSource:Tianjin Corporation Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15

In January 12th, Chinese 22mcc group Tianjin Corporation in Langfang newChaoyang Plaza project launched in 2014 fourth quarter of the theme of "find in helping others" moral classroom activities. The organs of companymanagement representative, project department management personnel andcooperative team personnel a total of 52 people took part in the activity.

Moral lecture is divided into "thought worry, sing songs, learning model, sutras,kind-hearted, send auspicious, good for" seven links. Activities began to enter the "Si worry" link, all those present to watch the short film "love" the continuation of common dream, short side lift a finger, an action casual,transfer the simple love; then, singing "citizen moral song", in the "learningmodel" link, watched the video "happiness give you Guo Mingyi", the sentiment of Guo Mingyi ordinary in the great; in "recite the classic" link, read "not to be small and evil, do not not good for small" three word of caution; in the"kindness" link, and we share an article "the most touching story the beauty of rural teachers unbeatable village teacher Hu Xiumin"; in the "send auspicious"link, a common appreciation of the song "grateful heart"; finally, andeverybody has a section on the find in helping others words. Base classroomactivities of the moral, to enhance their moral cultivation, and produced good results. At the same time, we benefit, enhance employee between the exchange of learning. The presence of personnel collective voice to set an example by personally taking part, in future work, find in helping others,consciously become disseminators of morality and practice.

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