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Run silent silently -- China 22mcc group electromechanical pipeline technology branch of Tangshan Iron and steel plate of automobile project vanguard Gang Gang Zhang Yiqiang

Writer:Liu ZhiqiangSource:Mechanical and elect Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


Since the pipeline technology branch of Tangshan Iron and steel company carplate project set up pioneer Gang, gang Long Gang Member Zhang Yiqiang led the branch positive response to the requirements of the Ministry of all projects, has been fighting in the forefront of the construction, to take the lead in performing their duties, be responsible for the body, yong man first, do a good job in their own work remaining, the largest of its own to service items,service in the enterprise, with its own action silently for you to set an example,make a advanced Communist pioneer gang style.

Tangshan Iron and steel plate of automobile engineering, pipeline branch to undertake the workshop network each medium pipeline continuous annealing,galvanizing line of each hydraulic system, pneumatic system and water systempiping installation tasks, piping installation capacity of approximately 1100 tons. New job, new challenges, everything from scratch, he was not discouraged, but increased morale. During the day to run the site, look at the drawings, night view of various specification control, ask to the experienced technical personnel to consult, the combination of theory and practice, he soon handy in pipeline construction, do a job with skill and ease.

Engineering early, he and technician overtime familiar with drawing, readingthe principle and process about the car plate engineering, combined with the actual scene, quickly straighten out the principle of the circulatory systempipeline and specific to. Work in the day time he took the technician to the scene view factors, each control pipe installation, positive to the project department proposed pipeline installation site of the restricting factors in the process, actively coordinate the various units to create conducive conditions of the various pipeline installation, conducive to the normal constructionsubcontractors after admission. At night he would project in each set of drawings according to the construction in order to network planning, and purchasing departments will actively communicate, by the division of materialsto meet the needs of the batch purchase to the construction site, not because the material issues delayed construction, his careful work obtained the project department and other units of the affirmation and high praise of war.

In the workers' daily life, Zhang Yiqiang also spent a lot of thoughts. In the diet,he organized the preparation of the daily diet, as far as possible to considereveryone's taste and nutrition, fine to every day every meal, as much as possible so that each worker eat delicious meals. By the summer, he was at their own expense bought two ceiling fans and window screen, allow workers toeat in a cool and healthy environment. He also keep some cold medicine, daily required drop medicine and so on, if the workers who got some little disease,can be to "Dr. Zhang" that finding the right drug.

This is he, a struggle in the field of ordinary members of the Communist Party,he means ordinary Party member responsibility for their actions. He is like anever ceasing, straight forward the old cattle, no matter how difficult, he canwork steadily stick came, work diligently and conscientiously, bear hardship without complaint, with their own practical action depicting he built the front in the metallurgical chapter.

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