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The senior technician ordinary people -- the China 22mcc group electromechanical branch Zheng Yongfa

Writer:Sun JingjingSource:Mechanical and elect Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


Zheng Yongfa mentioned in Chinese 22mcc group electromechanical branch,young employees know what he is material member, but the old workers know that he was a fitter senior technician, due to years of Zheng Yongfa body reason to suffering from various diseases, the company in order to take care of him has been engaged in the job of project material. This year in May, hecame to the Tangshan Iron and steel high strength technical renovation project of automobile sheet. At that time, it is the equipment drive period,because the scene tight schedule, the task is heavy, equipment installationtasks more, project leader asked his opinion, he want to arrange at the sceneled young locksmith install equipment, responsible person began, Zheng Yongfa without demur, righteousness not speech promised.

At the construction site of Tangshan Iron and steel plate for automobile, every day he is most early, preparatory construction ahead. His mouth often say is:work is no small matter. As a fitter monitor, in the project him as a youngworkers everywhere to make an example, in the construction quality, carry out the construction in strict accordance with the requirements of the construction standard and the design, to find work problems timely and Party A, projecttechnology personnel communication, engineering quality to the owner's high praise, foreigners recognized in safety; work, before the work points, tight time schedule, cross operation place, construction, do the preview the actual situation over the scene, identify potential safety problems, to remind the teamshould pay attention to matters. Moreover, he asked his team members, every day after the completion of construction, the construction site must live, Liu Qing, Qing Qing tools; care team members always in life, get along like one family.

In recent years, due to various reasons, the staff appearing synchronicphenomenon, older workers are highly skilled, experienced, but high, strengthis a challenge. The proportion of young workers is relatively less. Young workers, enthusiasm, energy, technology and the relative lack of experience.As a senior technician Zheng Yongfa see the eyes of the anxious heart, think of a few years away from retirement, his superb skills also lost face dilemma.He is active and young contract work in pairs, he often teach practical experience in the field during the day, night in the dorm to teach young peoplesee the drawings.

Perhaps these things too not worth mentioning, maybe this life is too ordinary,perhaps this story is too ordinary, but, it is these ordinary, these ordinary, over the years, a selfless dedication, be strict in one's demands precipitated spirit,infects everyone around him.

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