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Do does do fine -- Chen Qin young members of the Communist Party China 22mcc group electromechanical company security system company

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In 2011 the enterprise philosophy of "travel with me" speech contest platformstood a man, petite body, innocent face, confident smile sincerely willing,shouting "do does, do fine" slogan, he is China 22mcc groupelectromechanical company business law-abiding Company Youth Communist,Chen Qin.

As a party member, he has always been to "do does, do fine" business philosophy to serve as his work idea. He is serious work, not afraid of hardship, assiduously, innovation. He always save at work, what things arethought ahead, he will plan each step specific what to do, how to do can do good work to do fine, because of this, he can always be doing a great jobmeticulous.

In 2012 April the company sent him to Yangzhou Qin post 2*1080M3 blast furnace project, the project is vast, pipeline equipment including 2 blast furnaces and the hydraulic system is installed, 2 hot air stoves all pipelines and the installation of the hydraulic system, blower station 3 sets of equipment and pipeline axial flow compressor and hydraulic system installation, dry dust removal pipeline combined pumping station equipment installation, pipelineinstallation, cast iron machine installation, slag disposal system installation,external drainage pipe installation, feeding system and feeding systemequipment manufacturing and installation, power network and gas and air pipe installation, a total of more than 3000 tons of equipment installation, pipeline sixty thousand meters. In the face of never blast furnace system contact,facing the pressing requirement of construction period, he carefully read theconstruction drawings and technical information, serious about every detail in work, do a good job in the construction deployment, construction quality assurance, especially the installation process station equipment in the bloweris more strict tracking control of each construction procedure. Finally to ensure installation quality blower station equipment, have been highly praised by the owners.

The first half of 2014, he was sent to the Jiangsu Province Long Ying steelhigh strength steel plate production line project, the project all data is the electronic version of the information in English, in the face of never donestraightening machine he did not flinch, difficulties, the spirit of "do it properly,do fine" concept every day, he think ahead after a good day to do the work,evening study seriously drawings information, do not know a professionalEnglish words, he will look up the dictionary, serious translation, will see moredata after second days of field workers work carries on the detailedexplanation. The field workers know only 26 English letters, but because of hisefforts, the drawings of one point one point translation and explanation, the workers or smooth quality and quantity to complete the project content all. Inthe completion of construction at the same time, in order to give the company to install the future work of the accumulation of experience, use of his sparetime between the every parts of the straightening machine are drawn into athree-dimensional map, and then the assembly, and the installation processsimulation, after it encountered the same kind of engineering, watching the animation can be it is clear that the whole installation process of the straightening machine.

He is such a person, earnest exquisite, he always put every piece of work isvery fine, the completion of a project often, he will make the core content of the project to compile the method, conscientious to write each of the steps in the construction, and with pictures, this is not just for him the accumulation of their own, more is on the company's selfless dedication, he unreservedlyhimself in the practice of high school will have something to share with you.

He is such a Communist Party member, it is necessary to do the work well, do you want to do fine.

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