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The dream of youth and boosting -- Chinese 22mcc group electromechanical Automation Branch of Tangshan won the five four red flag League branch

Writer:Li Hongzhi Mou ChengSource:Mechanical and elect Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


There is such a young team in the electrical company: at the construction site,they compete with energy, passion and youth flying style; in the face of difficulties, they are not afraid of hardship, courage, wisdom and the courageto show extraordinary; in technology research, their phase with stars,assiduous, alpine climbing ladder and innovation. The young team ismechanical and electrical automation branch.

Mechanical and electrical automation branch under the age of 28 YouthLeague branch of the existing 33 staff, of which 27 members of the Communist Youth league. In 2013, electrical and Automation Branch League branch in the Communist Youth League Committee and automation company Party branchleadership, adhere to the "into the center, serve the overall situation" train of thought, closely combining the enterprise work, the Youth League organizationcharacteristics and advantages, rely on physical activity carrier, has its owncharacteristics to create a theme activities, and guide the young employeemeritorious service in enterprise production and management in. In 2010,electrical and Automation Branch League branch was named "China Metallurgical Group five four red flag League branch" honorary title. This year,the young team was named the five four Tangshan City red flag League branch, their honor book and filled the beautiful a pen.

In order to improve the service level of Party branch construction

Mechanical and Electrical Automation Division League branch adhere to the "party take a group to build", carry out "five four red flag League branch" to create activities. League branch members are graduates, and during the period of school is the student association cadre, have strong organizational skills and technology literacy, Youth League branch attaches great importance to cultivate their comprehensive ability, after learning and practical training,the ability of mature branch members, has become the backbone of the first-line position. In the work, electrical and Automation Branch Mission branch on time and in full and turned over the task to complete the tour, and regularlyorganize member education, members of youth organizations and Youth League learning eighteen Party Congress spirit. In 2013, the Mission Branchsent representatives to participate in the group of Communist Youth LeagueYouth Organization "young workers" forum, and put forward many reasonableopinions and suggestions on the company's production and operationmanagement; actively participate in organizations of Youth League Committee of company organization business knowledge training, improve the Leagueportion of the ideological and political quality and fulfill the job responsibilitiesability further.

In the cultural construction of cohesion of employees

In 2013, electrical and Automation Branch Mission branch actively participate in organizations of Youth League Committee of company development inyoung workers skills contest, photo contest, technical knowledge contest as the main content of the "five four" Youth Culture Festival series of activities,and achieved good results; publicize and implement the party's eighteen big inthe youth team spirit, spirit "to carry out the party's eighteen big into the grass-roots" preaching activities; members of youth organizations and managementpersonnel to carry out the "moral hall" online self-cultivation activities;organization of young volunteers from the group company organization committee "Lei Feng youth learning transfer positive energy" theme activities;organized members and cadres making donations to the "4.20" Lushanearthquake; the establishment of the older youth single files, positive play a "matchmaker" role, through the organization to participate in the "youth about"Fengrun District, Tangshan City Ocean City elder unmarried youth fellowshipactivities, efforts to create opportunities for their matchmaking. In August, the Communist Youth League organizes the youth to the company to carry out the "new and old staff badminton tournament", for they create a display of self style opportunities, enrich the amateur cultural life.

To promote the production and management of construction activities

In 2013, electrical and automation branch organization of the League branch of young employees in the company to carry out the "enterprise safety in production, the young brave when the pioneers" as the theme of "green anCup" contest, and through the network of Qing an cup competition safety knowledge, make the safety production responsibility of young employeesknowledge is enhanced effectively, branch the safety management level has been significantly improved. Aiming at the key difficulty of construction project,electromechanical Automation Division League branch successively inLuannan Rongcheng, Cangzhou Xuyang project to set up a "youth commando", was a crucial to daunting project, branch of young employees but also by virtue of technology capability conscientious work attitude, strong workspirit, excellent excellent completed tasks.

Mechanical and electrical automation branch actively promote the innovation of Youth League branch of technical work, 2013 actively organized the "five small" innovation, complete the "five small" innovation achievement 2; increase the pressure transmitter signal young employee Fan Yanyang wrote the"accuracy" won the two prize of metallurgical construction industry QC result;in the company of "the Communist Youth League organizations meet five four"technical knowledge contest, three players electromechanical Automation Division League branch selected to obtain electrical group champions.

The youth flash in boosting the dream, electrical and automation of Mission branch along the "five four red flag Communist Youth League" to create the road, seize the opportunity, innovation and development, with the majority ofthe members of the wisdom and youth, to promote scientific and healthy development of enterprises.

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