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22MCC Furnace Branch in Focus

Number of visits: Date:2015-01-27
Hebei Iron and Steel Group Mining Co., Ltd Yanshan Iron Ore Manager Wang Xian and Engineering Department Director Fu Zhenguo made a fact-finding trip to the main furnace building jobsite undertaken by 22MCC Furnace Branch and expressed their holiday greetings on January 1, 2010.
Wang Xian, after inspecting the construction site thoroughly, highly commended the construction quality, safety and civilized construction of Furnace Branch, approved the efforts made against each aspect by Furnace Branch after commencement, and made requirements for the current and future works.
The holiday greetings highly encouraged the participants?? enthusiasm in construction. The project department worked hard to carry out constructions under snow days and held special safety and quality meetings to strengthen the implementation of anti-freezing measures during construction and made safety technical disclosure to the participants, thus ensuring the construction in an orderly manner.

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