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22MCC Praised in Beijing for Architectural Decoration Project

Number of visits: Date:2015-01-27
The Antique Façade Decoration Works of the Qianmen Street (Section A6-1), undertaken by 22MCC Chongjian Branch, was rated as Beijing 2009 High Quality Architectural Decoration Project recently. This concrete frame structured project was located at the Qianmen Street of Beijing, with the construction area of 1040 ?Oand the overground 2-3 floors being of antique decoration.
Qianmen Street was one of the regions conserving the citizen style and historical relics of ancient Beijing, being the feature block well developed with architectural culture, trading culture, citizen culture, guildhall culture, folk culture and Beijing Opera culture of Beijing from Ming and Qing Dynasties. However, the buildings within this district were out of repair for long years and featured narrow roads, inferior municipal facilities, and major population density, and 90% of them existed serious potential safety hazards such as low fire resistance rating, aged electric wire and overload electricity utilization. To improve habitation environment and restore its original ancient style, it is proposed to carry out renovation and development for such region. 22MCC Chongjian Branch organized the best project team and employed high standard technology and management, ensuring a successful renovation project.

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