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Coagulation hearts meet force Create a inscription - New Year's day tomorrow

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Echoes of the New Year bell of China, the time's ship opens up a new journey, full of challenge and hope in 2015 has arrived. On the occasion of the year comes, I, on behalf of party and government to a year of hard work pay homage to the staff! To the heart of retired veteran comrades and all care about and support the development of the twenty-two smelting of friends from all walks of life express our heartfelt thanks and holiday sympathy! To wish you a happy New Year, the work is smooth, healthy body, a happy family!
In 2014, is a company started in the first year, the new leadership situation complex and serious, a difficult task and heavy. Over the past year, the company to "develop steadily, steadily improving, steady progress, management efficiency and management benefit priority, pays special attention to the coordinated reform, keep the coagulation hearts meet force of the enterprise, improve employee confidence" tone in total for work, vigorously develops the market, strengthen the basic management, focus on authors synergies, build characteristic culture, each work appear positive changes, enterprise development trendIn a slide, smooth, upward trend.
In 2015, the economic development of China into the new normal, facing the internal and external situation will be more serious. Company will deepen the reform, overcome the difficult this year, new journey out of trouble. Facing difficult and onerous task, we must face new challenges, adapt to the new normal, in the New Year, take the market as the guidance, to efficiency and benefit as the center, driven by reform and innovation, to pay special attention to the management system and the implementation of the reform measures, improve the market development ability, constantly cultivate new economic growth point and mining, improve the performance and cost of the project management ability, strive to pay special attention to the "two gold" off and cash flow management, safeguard enterprise capital chain, continue to pay special attention to cadres style construction and the "skin" characteristic enterprise culture construction, to ensure safe, healthy and sustainable development company.
oor and even stronger than before, do not fall of qingyun. Face the enterprise long-term accumulated outstanding contradictions and problems, in the face of challenging external market environment, we must firm the confidence, to face difficulty, dare to bear, vigorously carry forward the 22 smelting of the fine tradition of "hard work, perseverance", go all out, sheer endeavour, firmly clear the enterprise all sorts of obstacles on our road of advance, out of trouble as soon as possible for the company, to strive for a momentum again, create brilliant!

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