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22mcc New Year worker run metallurgical group

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22 morning of December 31, 2014, China metallurgical group holding New Year worker is run. China metallurgical group 22 at the tang leadership team members to attend the run. China twenty-two metallurgical group chairman of the board of directors (legal representative), secretary of the party committee hui-qing zhang inscription to New Year's day, general manager, deputy party secretary of yu-shan liu firing the vice chairman, vice secretary of party committee, the trade union chairman ChengWeiXing ceremony. From 21 units, thousands of employees to participate in the long run. Workers with high attitude, vigorous pace, a resounding slogan attracted the eyes of the masses, a heartfelt admiration. Despite the cold weather, but the staff body vigorous, spirited, enthusiasm and passion to run in the wind. At the closing ceremony, yu-shan liu harnesses, in tang collective leadership team members to present worker bow to greet, won warm applause. As the continuous 13 years run successfully held, New Year run has become the second

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