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Algeria sports minister line to China 22mcc group research projects

Number of visits: Date:2015-02-03



    1月22日,In January 22nd, the Algeria sports minister Mohamed Tahermi a line ofOran in Algeria province governor Abu Della, accompanied by Marek Boudiaf to Chinese 22mcc group constructed the Algeria Oran 40000 multi-purpose stadium project research.

The trip is Algeria national sports minister Mohamed? Tower herMy third visit to the site investigation. Tahermi in a row after the arrival, thorough construction site to view the construction situation of lower part of thestadium bleachers, and greetings to the under construction workers.After listening to the report on the progress of the whole project, Tahermion the current progress of the project expressed satisfaction with the.

During a visit to the Oran stadium project entity, Tahermi accept localmedia interviews, he praised the Oran stadium project in the interview is one of the most rapid progress in a number of stadiums in the country inbuilding. Tahermi said, China 22mcc group made great efforts on the project, full of confidence in the future project successfully completed.

Oran 40000 seat stadium project is located in Algeria city of Oran Oran Province, multi-functional comprehensive stadium for the western region of Oran province and even Algeria's largest, most modern a 40000 seat,40000 seat multi-purpose stadium contains a seat, 4000 seat footballtraining field and affiliated engineering construction.

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