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Zhang Huiqing He Kunshan a line to the Algeria company research

Writer:Chen JiaSource:Overseas business de Number of visits: Date:2015-02-03






Month 18 days to 24 days, the chairman of the board China 22mcc group(legal representative), party secretary Zhang Huiqing, deputy generalmanager He Kunshan, deputy chief engineer Chen Xuejun to Algeriacompany research. General manager of the accompanying research andZhongye international company assistant and regional companies Africamanager Jia Ningchuan.

Zhang Huiqing a line of investigation in Algeria Province, the emperorbazaar University City project, Algiers Province, 80 bed hospital projects,housing projects, Oran Province Prison project, the stadium and Maasprovince Caja 3800 sets of affordable housing projects such asconstruction projects in all o. Zhang Huiqing a line of daytime in-depth on-site, at night with the Algeria company staff discussion, a detailed understanding of the overall situation of Algeria company. During the period, Zhang Huiqing and his entourage heard reports on the work of the Algeria company team members, and with the Algeria company teammembers one by one to talk. On the evening of 22, Zhang Huiqing in Algeria company held a plenary meeting and make important speech,analysis of the Algeria company's existing problem, put forward the guiding opinions and suggestions.

During the investigation, Zhang Huiqing was invited to a row with Algeria national sports minister, Oran province governor of Oran stadium project of first phase project of promoting and Oran stadium project phase twonegotiation talks related matters; met with President of the French ATSPDesign Institute, then Oran stadium one phase of the project and twofollow-up project negotiation related cooperation matters in many discussions; met with the Algiers provincial health bureau director,engineering 80 bed hospital talks; met with Maas Kala province publichousing director, communicate on issues related to the project; met with director of Oran Province Housing Bureau, on the situation of the project of Algeria company contracted in Oran province had a conversation;called on the China Embassy in Algeria economic and Commercial Counsellor Office counsellor Lv Yifeng, Algeria company in a projectdevelopment situation and the problems and solutions facing, and Chinese enterprises in the development of the country's future, Algeriaconstruction market and economic policy direction, development trend,prospect is discussed AC.

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