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The human resources to create tomorrow -- New Year's Day message

Writer:Zhang HuiqingSource:Group Number of visits: Date:2015-01-01

The New Year bell reverberated across the land, the years the ship to open a new journey, full of challenges and hope has arrived in 2015. On the occasion of the new year, on behalf of the company party to pay high tribute to all the staff a year of hard work! To express my sincere thanks and greetings to the heart of the enterprise retired veteran comrades and all the care, support the development of the society from all walks of life friend ye! Wish everyone ahappy new year, good health, success in work, family happiness!

2014 is the first year of the company's new leadership to perform their duties,the situation is complicated and grim, the task is arduous and onerous. Last year, the company to "develop steadily, steadily, steadily, managementefficiency and operating efficiency priority, do a good job of supporting reforms, to keep the enterprise human resources, enhance staff confidence"for the general work guideline, vigorously develop new markets, tamp foundation management, to fall this synergism, build characteristic culture, the work of some positive changes, enterprises tends to be a slip, smooth, upward trend.

This year, we actively implement the "big environment, big market, big platform, large customers, big project" marketing strategy, market development to achieve new results, for the completion of the new contract amount of 25200000000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 64.5%.

This year, the company quality promotion work have made great historic breakthrough, obtain the smelter project and total construction contract for building engineering grade qualification, mine engineering construction general contracting qualification, engineering design and construction industry, metallurgy industry grade a engineering design grade A, company of Hebei province has become the only domestic construction enterprises,double extra few for the company to enter the market, high-grade, provides a strong support to develop the non metallurgical market.

This year, we according to the hierarchical management functions of the objectives and requirements, organizational structure optimization and adjustment of the level two, successively promulgated two level organ of the company and project department organization establishment and staffing plan;according to intensive management principle, promote the integration of internal resources reorganization, build all kinds of resources platform, to enhance the enterprise operation efficiency, form a whole collaborativedevelopment advantages of the organizational foundation.

This year, we actively promote the effective combination of enterprise management mode, management system and information system, and actively plan to launch a comprehensive management system software and hardwareupgrades; continue to improve the integrated management system of the company, a total of more than 60 documented procedure, the formulation and revision of the three level documents more than 260.

This year, we focus on human resources management, improve employee jobplanning and management, performance appraisal, salary distribution and the selection and appointment of cadres, reserve personnel management system,establish a deputy at the following posts posts of mechanism, the company"three" system reform has taken substantial steps.

This year, we straighten out the cost management system, improve the cost management system, the full implementation of project responsibility cost management, promote the full cost management consciousness raise.

This year, we highlight the strengthening risk prevention and control, establish and improve a comprehensive risk management and internal control system,grasp the audit found problems and rectification work, promote the fullcompliance of management consciousness and improve the management level of enterprise standardization.

This year, we strengthen and improve the party building work of party conduct Lianzheng construction, actively implement the "two responsibilities", to strengthen the cadre style construction as the starting point, and strictly implement the "eight provisions", "four wind" and "three strict Sanshi"requirements, pay close attention to the work of discipline, discipline inspectionand special rectification, and promote the obvious to change the staff teamspirit and work style.

This year, we focus on the "China dream", "the MCC dream", to "unity,friendship, affection, and dedication" as the theme, focus on creating "a dear"enterprise culture, and actively provide our employees to do practical things,good things, problem-solving things, let the staff people home care, home of the family, the warmth of home, enhance the enterprise's cohesive force and the centripetal force.

In 2015 the new normal China into economic development, facing the internal and external situation will be even more severe. This year the company will embark on a new journey of deepening reform, overcome difficulties, the plight of. Facing the arduous task, we must face up to the new challenges, adapt tothe new normal, in the new year, take the market as the guidance, taking the efficiency and the benefit as the center, to reform and innovation as the driving force, to do a good job management system and the implementation ofreform measures, vigorously improve the ability to open up markets, continue to nurture and mining economic point of growth, improve project performanceand cost management ability, focus on the "two gold" liabilities and cash flow management, the maintenance of enterprise funds chain security, continue to do a good job of cadre work style construction and "a dear" characteristic enterprise culture construction, ensure the company to achieve security,health, sustainable development.

Poor and stronger, not fall Albatron ambition. In the face of contradictions and problems of long-term accumulation of enterprises, in the face of challengingthe external market environment, we must strengthen our confidence, to face the difficulties, the courage to bear, vigorously develop 22 ye people "work hard and perseveringly, never yield in spite of reverses" fine tradition, go to all lengths, encourage further efforts, resolutely cleared the enterprise forwardvarious obstacles on the road, for the company to get rid of the dilemmaagain, implementation, and strive to create brilliant!

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