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Quality Engineering Exhibition2

Writer:Ma YandongSource:Quality management d Number of visits: Date:2015-02-10


Name of project: the project of Shougang Jingtang Steel Corp coking

Construction unit: China Metallurgical Jingtang Construction Co Ltd

Completion date: 2008 June

Time: 2009 Luban prize

Project introduction:

Shougang Jingtang steel joint limited liability company one step coking system engineering is the relocation of Shougang, strategic adjustment of iron and steel industry of a country, "eleven five" planning of major projects, the project covers an area of 574000 square meters, a total investment of 2100000000 yuan, Jian an amount of 236000000 yuan, annual output of 2100000 tons ofmetallurgical coke, is currently the world's largest, process the most advanced technology, the highest degree of automation of large coking plant. Has the characteristic of high quality and yield, low consumption, high efficiency,energy saving, environmental protection, high degree of automation, to achieve world-class level.

The project is located in the shore of Bohai caofeidian. Coking system consists of A, B coke oven, coal tower, coke quenching tower system, coal integratedelectrical control building, four carts, 180m chimney, outside the project etc.,the main physical quantity: 73160 m3 reinforced concrete, 9244t, equipment installation 11172t, process piping 2362t, 297866m cable, fire-resistant material 68190t. The project started in March 12, 2007, completed in June 30, 2008, the production line of key technology and equipment imported fromGerman Wood company.

Engineering consulting achievements won the first prize in the metallurgical industry, metallurgical group safety quality standardization, metallurgical industry, high quality engineering and excellent design, the fifth batch of new technology application demonstration project, the chimney verticality and ellipticity of the metallurgical industry QC control won two achievements, the whole country will "workers vanguard" title, a number of papers in the thebuilding times and the national construction technology.



Name of project: Shougang Jingtang steel joint limited liability company onestep smelting (ironmaking, steelmaking) Engineering

Construction unit: China 22mcc Group Co., Ltd.

Completion date: 2009 May

Luban prize winning time: 2010

Project introduction: Shougang Jingtang United Co., Ltd. a step smelting(ironmaking, steelmaking) project, mainly including the No. 1 5500m3 blast furnace and its supporting facilities of 4 hot air stoves, 2 seat, 1 seatpreheating furnace blower station, 1 sets of 138t/h pulverized coal injectionsystem and the charging system of blast furnace; 3 sets of 300 tons of steel smelting converter, 2 double 2150mm slab continuous casting machine and its ancillary facilities etc.. Is the first production of more than 5000 m3 blast furnace China. The total project investment of 10625290000 yuan, annual output of Jian an amount of 2622130000 yuan, hot metal, slab respectively 4490000 tons, 4580000 tons.

Ironmaking, steelmaking in the 5500 m3 blast furnace, 300 tons of converterand a large number of large-scale, modern equipment, reflects the level of science and technology and the direction of development of iron and steel industry in twenty-first Century, reached the domestic and international first-class level. Is our set of energy saving and environmental protection,economic, environmental and social benefits, and a model of harmoniousdevelopment of man and nature.

The project is located in the shore of Bohai caofeidian. The project started in March 1, 2007, completed in May 23, 2009. A blast furnace main body project won the 2008 annual China Construction steel structure gold prize. The blast furnace system engineering and steelmaking system, coking systemengineering are obtained in Hebei province provincial "Anji Cup" and metallurgical industry quality engineering award. Blast furnace bustle pipeintegral installation and construction method has been accepted by thenational invention patent, hot blast stove cross lifting frame ring overall fallplate method has been accepted by the national invention patent, blast furnace down pipe installation adjustable bracket won the national utility model patent. Comprehensive construction technology of blast furnace of Shougang5500m3 won the first prize of scientific and technological progress. 300tconverter shell and backing ring overall drag installation technology to obtain 2008 annual technology innovation activities of Tangshan City worker economy outstanding innovation. Hot blast stove automatic welding for QCteam won the excellent quality management team in 2009 Nationalconstruction.



Name of project: the city of Tangshan Iron and steel water and advanced treatment of industrial wastewater and comprehensive utilization project

Construction unit: China 22mcc Group Co. Ltd.

Completion date: 2009 June

Time: 2010 Luban prize

Project introduction: Tangshan City water and advanced treatment of industrialwastewater and comprehensive utilization project, is currently the largestdomestic industry, design standards, technology, automation degree of the international first-class large-scale sewage treatment center. Its coretechnology and equipment configuration are used the world's most famousFrance Degremont company exclusive patent, has the characteristics of large water treatment capacity, low consumption, high efficiency, energy saving,environmental protection, high degree of automation, advanced treatment process used the leading domestic double membrane water softeningtechnology. The project total investment of 365052000 yuan, 114562900 yuanof construction engineering quantity. The project mainly includes: grid,regulation pool, pumping station, high density sedimentation tank, V type filter,center water supply pumping station, dosing room, sludge dewatering room,depth treatment room. The project mainly physical volume: 23000 cubic meters of concrete, steel structure of 1800 tons, the installation of the equipment more than 1000 sets, the total length of 16.8 km pipeline. Mainly used in industrial wastewater treatment and utilization of city processing,Nissan 145000 tons of qualified water.

The completion of the project to enable Tang Gang to become the first national first to the city water as the only source of the production of iron and steel enterprises. Tang Gang city water and advanced treatment of industrialwastewater and comprehensive utilization project after the completion of theTang Gang river ecological park has become an iron garden.

Project won the Hebei Provincial Construction Engineering Anji cup, the national metallurgical industry, quality engineering, the national metallurgical industry outstanding engineering design award, Hebei province science and Technology Achievement Award for the construction industry, the national metallurgical construction system of QC achievement award and other honors.


Name of project: Shougang cold-rolled sheet production line project

Construction unit: China 22mcc Group Co. Ltd.

Completion date: 2008 June

Time: 2010 Luban prize

Project introduction: this project is the Shougang Shunyi cold rolled band steelengineering, I shall assume the affiliated project, the project total investment6400000000 yuan, workload of 1200000000, building area of 147525 squaremeters. The project started construction in January 2, 2006, May 10, 2008,fully completed and put into operation. The contract period of the project is short, complicated technology, large engineering quantity and complicated interface relation. And the large underground structures, deep foundation pit,the workshop structure arranged in a crisscross pattern structure, difficult installation.

Engineering project in 2009 won the quality of metallurgical quality engineeringand metallurgical group. The project completed and put into use, the production operation and the use of state, far exceeding the design capacity,by the end of 2009 board, car plate and home appliance plate 600000 tons at the end of 2 is the production of high-grade construction, the end of our long-term dependence on imports of high-grade cars in history, products exported to Europe and the United States and other countries, has created good economic benefit and social benefits.

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