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Started in 1999 the parent subsidiary company standardized operation of the MCC, uphold the MCCwere devoted to Republic of China Iron and steel industry and the national economy construction 50 years form the excellent quality of hard struggle, forge ahead, through the sublation and sublimation,the formation of the "integrity and social oriented, customer satisfaction as the Rong" business philosophy and the "loyalty, dedication, unity and enterprising" spirit of enterprise, to create apeople-oriented and goal orientation of MCC culture consistent



China Metallurgical Group Company logo design in 1999. Under the MCC brand and the earth the graph construction company logo, covering the internationalization, group, network, brand era style of MCC; mainly in blue color, contains a vast deep ocean, a symbol of progress in the MCC globally,sailing, footprints all over the world. At the same time, blue is the color of the sky, contains the targetof the lofty, shows that the struggle of the MCC positive development, sustainable development,continuous innovation to improve, and strive to realize the grand blueprint to do bigger and stronger.The MCC logo shapes simple, theme clear, accurate expression of the MCC people in the new period of spirit and cultural connotation.

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