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China 22mcc group to convene in 2015 government work conference and a session of seven workers (member) Congress

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    February 2nd to 3, China 22mcc group to convene in 2015 government work conference and a session of seven staff member congress.

2 days 9 when, China 22mcc group vice chairman and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, union chairman Sheng Weixing presided over a conferencepreparatory meeting, informed of the number of staff and workersrepresentatives to participate in the general assembly.

Nine ten, China 22mcc group in 2015 government work conference and asession of seven workers (members) congress at the opening of the impassioned "MCC song" sound. Chairman of China 22mcc group (legal representative), party secretary Zhang Huiqing presided over the meeting.

On the meeting, Chinese 22mcc group general manager, deputy party secretary Liu Yushan made a presentation entitled "firm confidence to forge ahead to tackle tough encourage forward as ye walk out of predicament,steady development and strive to" administrative work report, reviewed the work in 2014, analyzes the situation and tasks facing, deploy 2015 the focus of the work. Liu Yushan points out, 2015 is 22 ye to deepen reform, tackling difficult key year. This year the company overall requirements of the job is:carry out seriously implement the China Metallurgical Group to create the "eight - column four - beam" upgrade edition, reconstruction of "new advantages of good metallurgical" strategic deployment to become the strongest global optimal maximum metallurgical construction operation service"national team", adhere to the "overall train of thought and resolve conflicts,advance steadily, do the foundation, reform and innovation and focus on the market, accelerate development", to do a good job management system andthe implementation of reform measures, vigorously improve the market development and the transformation of development capacity, improve project performance and the level of cost management, focus on the "two gold"liabilities and cash flow management, maintain the normal operation ofenterprise funds chain, ensure the company to realize safe, healthy and sustainable development. Liu Yushan pointed out that in 2015 to focus on eight aspects of work: one is struggling to open up the market, the market for the company to provide adequate security sustainable development; two is toadjust the management of ideas, to promote the healthy development of the security of real estate plate; three is to give prominence to the "two gold"instead, concentrate on resolving the heavy difficult problem; four is to improve the project management mode. To improve project performance level;five is the efficiency and benefit as center, and comprehensively improve thebasic management level enterprise; six is to strengthen the consciousness of the human capital, strengthen and improve human resources management;seven is to market and benefit oriented, give full play to the leading role oftechnology innovation support; eight is to unite the positive energy, to create a good environment the wind is fresh air, stable and harmonious.

Chinese 22mcc group vice chairman, deputy secretary of the Party committee,trade union chairman Sheng Weixing made a presentation entitled "report on the work of gathering energy work faith Brilliantness to promote the work of the company go to highlight new unionized as" in the China Metallurgical Group,the forefront of the workers congress, the trade union.

Deputy general manager, China 22mcc group chief accountant Zhang Hongjin made economic analysis report, issued the enterprise budget.

14 PM to 16 PM, the delegation group discussion resolution to reviewadministrative work report, the Congress, and Congress of trade union workreport (draft).

At sixteen thirty, Liu Yushan presided over the second session of presidium,listened to each delegation to discuss the report and modification of General Assembly resolutions (Draft) views.

Is the morning, Liu Yushan presided over the meeting, the participants unanimously adopted a resolution of the general assembly. On the meeting,listen to the Chinese 22mcc group deputy general manager Xi Huixiang made the marketing work report, heard the report project management deputy general manager Han Bing made, heard the vice general manager He Kunshan made overseas work report, heard the report of financial management deputy general manager, total accountant Zhang Hongjin for the.

Afternoon, the General Assembly will resume. China 22mcc group vicesecretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, deputy general manager Du Zhixin presided over the meeting.Liu Yushan announced the 2014 annual advanced collectives and individuals in recognition of the decision. Zhang Huiqing, Liu Yushan and the unit signed in 2015 the form of safe production responsibility and 2015 comprehensiveperformance evaluation of responsibility book; Zhang Huiqing and the unitsigned a responsibility to shape the 2015 construction of a clean and honest administration.

China 22mcc group vice secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission, deputy general manager Du Zhixin made a presentation entitled "the central task to strengthen the responsibility offocusing depth to promote and enhance the company" anti-corruption construction of party conduct construction and anti-corruption work report.

The chairman China 22mcc group (legal representative), party secretary Zhang Huiqing made a presentation entitled "strengthening the reform of basicmanagement innovation make progress while maintaining stability forcestimulate enterprise development vitality" speech, the meeting in 2014 the main work is summarized, then the development ideas, business problems forobjective analysis, combined with the national development strategy, China Metallurgical Group work conference spirit and enterprise development goalsfor 2015 work overall arrangement and planning. In 2015, the overall train of thought of China 22mcc group work: Wenzhongqiujin, resolving contradictions,solid foundation, reform and innovation, focus on the market, accelerate the development of. And will focus on thirteen aspects: one is to put the market development as the most important work, concentrate on, under foot, footconditions, to fruition; two is to make the fundamental risk prevention and control as the enterprise steady development; three is to make the basic management work as the enterprise standard management security, realizing lean management; the four is to increase the overseas project management and control efforts, focusing on the construction of the international company;Five is to low cost as the principle, build the enterprise competition ability; six is to form a new performance evaluation system as soon as possible, reform the evaluation mechanism; seven is the real estate sector to grasp opportunities for development, the development of innovative ways; eight is to secure theactive disposal related heavy assets; nine is to strengthen construction ofdesign control ability and integrated ability, improve the ability of EPCconstruction enterprise; ten is to strengthen party conduct Lianzhengconstruction and cadre style construction; eleven is to further promote the work of Party building to a new level; twelve is to actively promote theconstruction of rule of law of enterprises; thirteen is to vigorously promote the"family" culture for the construction of enterprise culture guidance.

The conference agenda after the completion of all, ending in the stalwart and emollient song "sound" 22mcc group.

Chinese 22mcc group assistant manager (vice three Division) over the leadership; a session of seven workers (member) and workers congress(member representative); 2014 company of the year of first mode charactersrepresentative organ of the company various departments; Fuchu level above personnel; each branch company, subsidiary company, holding company,Department Manager Assistant (side three Engineer) above personnel; the joint-stock company responsible party attended the meeting in the main hall.The company authority each department; Tangshan area (not including theCaofeidian) each branch, agency department, a wholly owned subsidiary ofthe Department to attend the meeting in the venue. Each departmentorganizational units, other personnel through video conference.

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