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He Kunshan to guide the work of KIMKAN project in Russia

Writer:Shi LuchanSource:Overseas business de Number of visits: Date:2015-03-14



On March 6th, vice general manager, China 22mcc group oversea company general manager He Kunshan to guide the work of KIMKAN project in russia.

He Kunshan regardless of the journey to the scene to understand the condition of construction,environment and personnel, ask the progress of the project, and the workers are operating at any time to talk. From the main building to wet concentrate bin, from the silo to drying room carefully check.

Through the view of project and understanding, what Kunshan hosted the Chinese managersmeeting, make arrangements and guidance on the actual situation of the scene and work in 2015.On the meeting, the project manager Li Dong introduced the project progress, arranged in 2015,engineering staff and other aspects of the work, the cost calculation, safety, human aspects of thedeployment.

He Kunshan progress and completion of the project in 2014 affirmed, that surplus construction volume also many, large amount of mission, planning, organization and implementation capacity of the team is a big test. He asked the staff forge ahead in unity, make persistent efforts, and strive for greater achievements. And puts forward constructive suggestions on the aspects of project management, resource organization, target management, safety management, logistics etc..

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