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Chinese 22mcc group held a welcome "three eight" international working women's Day Symposium

Writer:Yu LeiSource:Group of trade union Number of visits: Date:2015-03-14


In March 5th, China 22mcc group trade unions held a welcome "three eight" international working women's Day symposium to listen to the voices of female workers, female workers, care for life.China 22mcc group assistant general manager, vice president of the union Liu Xiaobin attended the forum. Chinese 22mcc group units female worker representatives have a joyous gathering, speak one's mind freely, welcome the "three eight" international working women's day coming.

On the meeting, each unit of female worker representatives around the China 22mcc group "three"and "three eight" the spirit of commemoration of International Women's Day theme, talk about theirfeelings and sentiment, and puts forward suggestions on China 22mcc group in 2015 the work of women workers.

Liu Xiaobin represented China 22mcc group Party committee, administrative, union pay tribute and festivals to the hard work of the company on all fronts to female workers condolences. At the same time, put forward four point hope to all levels of the union workers Committee in 2015: one is tightly around the development target, party and government work meeting of the company established to raise awareness, unity of thinking, and actively carry out the female worker meritorious activities.Two is to play the exemplary role innovation studio employees, training, lead a group of talent.Three is to improve their own quality, to strengthen the urgency and initiative of learning, lifelong learning, advanced concept, the study work work study. The four is to actively participate in the activities of spiritual civilization construction, give full play to their own advantages in female workers, social morality, occupation morality, family virtue and etc. a practitioner, communicators,advocating scientific and healthy lifestyle, to influence social, family, children with good behavioritself.

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