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China 22mcc group New Energy Company won the bid of Fengning Sen Ji map wind farm project

Writer:Guo YunpengSource:New Energy Company Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15

In March 13th, Chinese 22mcc group New Energy Company won the bid of Hebei Fengning construction investment Ji map wind farm new energy Co., Ltd. Chengde Feng Ningsen two period200 MW project.

This project is located in Fengning County, Chengde City, the main part of the project includes the installation of 100 sets of single machine capacity of 2000 kilowatts of wind machine, 100 sets of 35 kilowatts of the supporting box type transformer, connecting fan and booster station 35 KW electriccircuit, 1 sets of 220 kilowatts booster station and its supporting facilities. The two phase of the project mainly according to the number and location of fan installation is different, the project is divided into two sections. Construction of 50 Typhoon aircraft and a box Chinese 22mcc group New Energy Company is mainly for the construction of second section variable basis and installation, 55 km wind collecting circuit installation and Field Road 25 km, planned construction period of 274days.

Chengde Fengning area has abundant wind power resources, is the national energy board "Twelfth Five Year Plan" in North China key wind power investment projects, but also planning the construction of ecological Chengde county "Jieba Mountain Ecological Zone", is shouldering thelocal low carbon, environmental protection and other construction function.

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