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China 22mcc group gold knot company won the bid of binary environmental relocation transformation and upgrading of green tire intelligent demonstration base project

Writer:Yu YangSource:Gold company Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


In March 11th, the company won the bid China 22mcc group gold node binary environmental relocation of transformation and upgrading of green tire intelligent demonstration base of high performance radial passenger tire project card.

Double star environmental protection relocation of transformation and upgrading of green tireintelligent model base is located in Huangdao District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, Dong JiaEconomic Zone, covers an area of 1200 acres. Planning the construction of an annual output of 10000000 sets of high performance radial car tire, high performance radial passenger tire 5000000 sets of tyres card project and automatic rubber machinery 1300 sets / year, automatic castingmachine 600 sets / year of equipment manufacturing project. Is expected by the end of 2017, the project fully completed. The Chinese 22mcc group built a high performance radial passenger tireCard No. 1 building of meridian tyre workshop, water pump room, refrigeration station, air compressor station, power station, compound library area civil work, steel structure, equipment installation, decoration and so on all construction content, and mixing car besides outside all construction equipment installation content.

Double green tire intelligent production base environmental relocation, transformation and upgrading, to build the first green, environmental protection, China world-class tire productiondemonstration base, to establish the world's first double green tire intelligent model base and the green tire intelligent production equipment demonstration base. Project construction in favor ofgreen tire production by referring to foreign experience, combined with the domestic situation, withautomation, intelligent, information-based optimization and further enhance the production technology, production equipment updates, the realization of green, environmental protection,efficiency, energy consumption and other aspects of the world's leading. At the same time, the base will be the construction of global R & D center, testing center, trade center and test center of automobile tires, concentrate on creating Chinese tire of world famous brand, the double star groupwill become a set of tires, machinery, real estate, results in one of the internationalization of state-owned group.

After the establishment of the base, the product will be positioned as a "three high and one low",namely the high-end, high differentiated, high added value, low back odds; manufacturing locationfor the "three high", that is, automation, intelligent, informatization, high efficiency. The project for the improvement of the old city environment, further optimize industrial structure, expand employment opportunities, and promote the Qingdao City, the overall economic structure transformation, stimulating local economic growth will have important realistic significance and far-reaching strategic significance.

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