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"Strict, fine," the construction of the two phase of the project -- "Chinese Metallurgical Group Company Financial Center three

Writer:Han Chun Zheng AixiaSource:The three companies Number of visits: Date:2015-04-13


Accompanied by bursts of wind disturbance, according to Liu Chu breeze, intothree China Metallurgical Group Company Financial Center, the two phase of the project, the eye is a construction norms, orderly management of theconstruction site. Two international finance centre project department to follow the "strict, detailed, real" three rules in the process of project management,from the "strict management", from the "fine" gatekeeper, "real" from the start,through strengthening internal management, optimize the management mode,strengthen management, to ensure the construction quality and schedule.

Construction drawings, arrived at the scene, two international finance centreproject department, organization of the system management of drawings, find out the problems and the construction difficulty, it may meet difficulties in construction in advance, early prevention. Engineering, technology, quality and security personnel will be transferred to the office of the construction site,the day in the field of organization and coordination, plan, do, check to seedrawings specifications at night.

The two phase of the project financial center area is large, deep foundation pit, which belongs to the major dangerous source, slope close to the city roads and sidewalks, some parts of foundation pit seepage, cool, rainy, windyweather and many other negative factors. However, this did not shake theproject department staff safety first, faith and determination of the quality first ", and technical personnel according to the actual situation, formulate specific construction plans, focusing on the deployment and progress, with five longspiral drilling machine segment with construction, reasonable arrangement ofconstruction equipment with the planning and site layout, guarantee in order to implement the cable support. All the staff work together to brainstorm, actively involved in the work, check the specification, quality, safety, the formation ofthe people responsible, step by step implementation of the situation.

In the process of construction, the project department to increase theconstruction personnel in the C, D, E, 24 hours shifts construction; A and Bpersonnel arrangement, material flow, mechanical blending, process withreasonable deployment; inverted schedule, with time can be calculated, the construction progress of precise to the day. In the tight schedule, high standards and strict requirements, complex environment conditions, the financial center of the Ministry of staff with their own sense of responsibility,twisted into a rope, so that the construction progress in an orderly and rapid development, the key moment never slack, difficult to overcome difficulties, notto create the conditions to ensure a node schedule every part engineering.

During the period of 2014 October two big main body structure, financial center project department to carry out the "safety, quality, progress, civilized,cooperation" as the main content of the labor competition. The competitionprocess in A, B, C, D, E respectively for a "responsible", the "building" as the first responsible person.

Through labor competition activities, the financial center (two) improve the quality, awareness of the cost of the project management staff and teamconstruction work, progress, safety responsibility, strengthen, mobilize theenthusiasm and creativity of the people, set up to overcome the difficulties of the mind, set off a climax of construction work.

Up to now, three companies financial center two 5 buildings in the main structure completed, project department staff to devote to the two constructionwith full confidence, continue to strengthen the management, to ensure the quality of the whole construction project.

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