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Xinhua News Agency: China Metallurgical Group - China city underground pipe gallery "leader"

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China Metallurgical Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the China Metallurgical Group) is the world's top 500 enterprises and scientific and technological innovation oriented enterprises, the world's largest and most powerful metallurgical engineering construction operation contractor. At the same time, the China Metallurgical Group with its strong research and development and technological innovation capability and the survey, design, construction and supervision of the whole industry chain integration professional advantage, in Hunan Changde Avenue and Zhuhai Hengqin Island underground pipe gallery building as a symbol, as one of the earliest city comprehensive plan to solve the smart city concept and experts actively practice walker. At present, the implementation of the national pipe gallery strategy has become the central enterprises to fulfill the responsibility, enhance market power and control, and promote the sustainable development of the whole group of major strategic plan.
MCC is China underground pipe gallery of the pioneer and leader in the field
In the early seventy's of the last century, China Metallurgical Group in Shanghai Baosteel construction, will draw with the advanced experience from abroad and Japan's cooperation in the country took the lead in the introduction and the construction of the large underground pipe gallery system for industrial production of special. After a lapse of nearly 40 years, this is about 15 kilometers of kerosene gas, electric power and other dangerous media pipeline is still densely in the factory underground city, witnessed the history and the times of change.
Since the end of last century, China Metallurgical Group in the development of enterprises in the transformation and development, and its industrial construction technology in the metallurgical and other industrial areas of water, electricity, gas, and continue to promote the municipal infrastructure intensive, corridor. At the same time, the China Metallurgical Group to increase the urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery area of research and application, and actively transform the results of industrialization into civilian products, for the benefit of the community and the people's livelihood. Changde Hunan Avenue underground comprehensive pipe gallery project is the first in the industry to the industrialization of the results of the transformation of civil products. Follow the "smooth traffic, resource saving, environment friendly, harmonious development" of the design concept, the central green group in Changde Avenue, the central green belt laid 12 km long underground pipe gallery. The tube is a single box single room reinforced concrete structure, the internal storage of water, electricity, communications and other pipelines, and set up monitoring system. This is the first time in Hunan Province, the use of integrated pipe gallery, greatly improving the Changde city traffic travel conditions, expanding the supply of public goods in Changde, Changde new urbanization level and urban environment comfort.


Changde Hunan Road, which is the construction of the China Metallurgical Group, the expansion project and the construction of the underground pipe gallery.


n June 2009, the State Council executive meeting discussed and adopted the "Hengqin overall development plan", is committed to build "open Hengqin Island", "energy island", "intelligent island", "ecological island". MCC actively respond to national call, standing on the international level of high-end, with the advantages of core technology, the champion of continuous innovation and irreplaceable survey, design and construction, supervision of the entire industry chain, to overcome the complex geological conditions in Zhuhai Hengqin Linhai area, to solve the problem of financing, and in accordance with international, intelligent layout design and low carbon ideas, forging the "smart city artery" - city underground pipe gallery project is currently the most advanced, to become connected, Hong Kong and Macao Hengqin region to build the "island", economic prosperity, livable industry vitality Island, knowledge intensive, information developed "intelligent island". The resource conservation and environment friendly "ecological island" and "one country two systems" under the Hong Kong and Macao to explore new modes of Cooperation Demonstration Zone, deepening reform and opening up and The first area of scientific and technological innovation, the promotion of the new platform for industrial upgrading in the West Bank of the Pearl River Estuary has laid a solid foundation for the city.
Zhuhai Hengqin underground pipe gallery project is the first domestic system of regional integrated pipe gallery system, provides a benchmark for the construction of a comprehensive domestic pipe gallery. China Metallurgical Group with their accumulated years of industrial construction and Changde Road underground pipe gallery construction financing, design, construction, risk control and other aspects of the experience, the geological conditions simply in Hengqin Island "tofu" as built under the largest one-time investment, the highest, the length of the longest building, covering an area of the most widely, the most perfect system of underground pipe gallery. Pipe gallery was "day" type, divided into a class, two and three, the internal storage water, electricity, communications, water, condensate and vacuum garbage pipe and other up to six or seven kinds of pipelines, is the most domestic storage pipeline type of integrated pipe gallery. Party and state leaders have visited the site, the Ministry of housing and the project as a comprehensive pipe gallery model project to promote the country, the mayor and experts in April this year, the State Ministry of housing organization of the country more than 70 city of more than 300 people at the scene to study, and vigorously promote the development and construction of underground pipe gallery mode and experience. Former unknown desolate island, China has now become the most vigorous southern land. China Metallurgical Group invested in Zhuhai Hengqin project and underground pipe gallery district of Zhuhai has become a beautiful name card "". ]


The underground pipe gallery space [map]


[real] Hengqin underground pipe gallery


[the underground pipe gallery monitoring center]


As the leading power of China's national economic construction and the earliest construction of underground pipe gallery, China Metallurgical Group has a number of top domestic survey, design and construction enterprises, in various industrial professional pipe gallery and urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery construction has the survey, design, construction and operation of a one-stop "service capacity", with the whole process of project, the whole industry chain professional integration and comparative advantage. MCC also successfully construction of the Shanghai Baoshan, Shijiazhuang District, Nanjing Hexi New Town as a comprehensive pipe gallery project, while promoting the underground pipe gallery of ecological philosophy and practice also provides advanced air plant, experience and reference for other domestic local smart city construction. In the basement of the national urban development strategy, the construction of a total of 119 kilometers long, the longest mileage of 33.4 kilometers, the country's Ministry of housing and industry evaluation: the total mileage of the first, the individual results first.
Actively respond to and implement the national development strategy, to do fine in the tube Gallery brand
The underground pipe gallery is called "blood vessel" and "nerve", which is the function of conveying medium, energy and transport information day and night. It is the material basis for city's survival and development ". Since 2013, the state attaches great importance to the construction of urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery, the State Council on strengthening the urban infrastructure construction, the general office of the State Council on strengthening the management of urban underground pipeline construction management guidance, the two documents, the city's comprehensive tube construction as an important part of the government functions, improve urban infrastructure, to promote urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery. July of this year, Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, the construction of urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery to rise to the national strategic advance. As an important engine of the current and future national economic growth, the urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery has become the third strategy of the national urban construction.
MCC has always been at the national level, the largest and most firmly shoulder the glorious mission, standing on the international level and the high-end metallurgical industry highly, with core technology, irreplaceable champion of metallurgical industry chain integration advantages, continuous innovation ability, undertake the responsibility to lead the country to a higher China metallurgy the level of. And timely formulate MCC clear strategic positioning: to create "four beams eight columns" upgraded version, to become the world's most optimal maximum metallurgical construction service "national team" will be incorporated into the integrated control center city to the important position of the implementation of traffic infrastructure strategy, for the whole group, to build the MCC tube brand gallery. In October 29th this year, the country's first professional comprehensive pipe gallery Technology Research Institute of metallurgical technology, China pipe gallery Institute officially inaugurated, marking the MCC initially completed grab the pipe gallery of national city building "third" strategy opportunity period, careful planning and top-level design, co-ordinate the development of the market actively, strengthen technical support, go build the MCC pipe gallery brand has extensive influence and strong ability to control the overall layout, to promote the sustainable development of the group in the new normal, and created the Guan Lang established the first domestic professional company, set up the first qianyiji city comprehensive pipe gallery industry funds, the establishment of the first national Gallery of Technology Research Institute.

For China [Chinese Qing Metallurgical Technology Research Institute inaugurated the pipe gallery]

n June this year, in order to better implement the new national urbanization strategy, focus on comprehensive pipe gallery area to specialization, large-scale team building, MCC group formally established the first domestic pipeline construction and operation of investment professional company, MCC HUAFA public pipe gallery limited company, in order to guide the whole group distributed throughout the country the investigation, design, construction and operation of power, the further development of comprehensive pipe gallery of domestic construction market. The move much industry attention. At the same time, the China Metallurgical Group also constantly improve the pipe gallery business development system, formed a group, China Metallurgical Company, HUAFA pipe gallery business development in the whole process of construction and operation of the integrated control center to perform their respective duties, closely and mutually supporting three linkage control mode. The group level is mainly responsible for large-scale projects and docking, and government major high-end risk assessment and a large amount of funds allocation decision liability, Easy Access building approval process; metallurgical HUAFA pipe gallery survey and design, construction and strength of the entire group distributed throughout the country, mainly undertake all types of resources, system control group, unified foreign joint operations management responsibilities; subsidiary enterprises bear survey, design, construction, operation and other aspects of the operation functions, construction of supporting pipe gallery of the market development, thus forming a clear division of responsibility clear, obvious advantages, collaborative work pattern.
The construction of the comprehensive management of the building with large investment, long payback period, the basic characteristics of the strong capital strength is to ensure that the comprehensive management of the corridor and the important prerequisite for stable operation. In September 14th this year, the China Metallurgical Group and China postal savings bank signed a "Chinese city comprehensive pipe gallery industry fund strategic cooperation framework agreement" in Beijing, the two sides decided to jointly set up the first qianyiji city comprehensive pipe gallery industry fund, continue to provide funding and support in response to the national capital city to promote the construction of comprehensive pipe gallery call. China Metallurgical Group and China Metallurgical chairman, party secretary Guo Wenqing said at the signing ceremony, the construction of integrated pipe gallery is the only way to promote the scientific development of the city, the market capacity is huge, the prospect is broad. The next step will be for different size of the city and its supporting capacity, New District construction and urban renewal and other needs, the development of different levels of pipe gallery construction standards and the corresponding modules, to improve market share, and thus to create a professional and famous brand, in the national new urbanization strategy to play an important role. MCC fully sounded the clarion call to the corridor city underground pipe, determination and confidence to create the largest the most optimal pipe gallery building professional well-known brands, not even for a moment, no retreat.

[MCC and the postal savings bank Chinese signed a strategic cooperation agreement to set up hundreds of billions of pipe gallery Fund]


For many years, the China Metallurgical Group continues to increase investment in the development and construction of the existing comprehensive pipe gallery project. Through unremitting efforts, it has undertaken to complete the relevant national and local important engineering and technical issues, and presided over the design of a number of domestic influence of integrated pipe gallery model demonstration project. At the beginning of 2015, the State Department of housing secretary invited domestic famous calibration units to prepare "city comprehensive pipe gallery project technical specification" (GB50838-2015), China Metallurgical Group, with many years of comprehensive pipe gallery planning, design and construction experience in the technical specification, brainstorming, marking the transition from the norm in the execution of MCC the technical field of municipal engineering to regulate the custom, but also marks the China Metallurgical Group Based on the national strategic level, has always been committed to the practice of "national team" responsibility, vigorously promote China's city construction process of science. In addition to the national standard of integrated pipe gallery, in the national Ministry of housing, the Ministry of housing construction "urban comprehensive pipe gallery project cost guidance" (Trial), the integrated management of the pilot, gas pipeline into the gallery, and investment and financing mode of the special research, and many other national issues, continue to seize the high ground, to highlight the "China Metallurgical tube Gallery" brand of technology leadership and comprehensive strength.
In the management of the company's livelihood and social ideas, innovative market development model
MCC MCC adhere to highlight the people's livelihood, social services, the concept of service pipe gallery brand connotation, continue to strengthen the local government and the well-known enterprises in close cooperation, and actively promote the city underground pipe gallery market development model innovation, signed include pipe gallery project content of the strategic cooperation agreement, formed from top to bottom, from high to low, from large to small diving posture, the initial formation of MCC pipe gallery brand good running posture. In August 28th this year, during the "central enterprises Shanxi" activities, the China Metallurgical Group and Shanxi province will further strengthen the construction of city underground pipe gallery cooperation agreement; in September 17th, during the "Hubei central enterprises to promote the construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt Symposium", the China Metallurgical Group and Wuhan City in-depth discussions and reached consensus on to strengthen the city underground pipe gallery cooperation; in September 29th, the China Metallurgical Group and the Guizhou Provincial People's government signed a strategic cooperation agreement to deepen, increase in traffic strengthened to enhance the municipal infrastructure, underground pipe gallery, city environmental protection and energy conservation and other areas of cooperation agreement; in October 12th, the China Metallurgical Group and the Zhuozhou Municipal People's Government of Hebei Province signed the strategic cooperation agreement to build the Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development of ecological demonstration area, city underground pipe gallery construction has become one of the highlights. MCC is also actively with the Western Holdings Group, Jiangsu province transportation planning and Design Institute and other well-known enterprises to expand the market Gallery key strategic cooperation, the formation of the "joint fleet combat". In addition, the China Metallurgical Group also actively planning shares of local pipe company, the formation of a double stake in SPV (item company), and strive to build the fate of the community in the market game, access to the initiative of the comprehensive development of the tube market. As of now, MCC pipe gallery marketing has gradually achieved initial breakthrough, winning Gansu Baiyin and Inner Mongolia Baotou, Jilin Siping and more pipe gallery project, China Metallurgical Group market development situation of pipe gallery showing a continued good momentum.


[Guo Wenqing attended the international infrastructure investment and construction forum and witness major project cooperation signing]


[the Guizhou Provincial People's government signed a strategic cooperation agreement]


[Guo Wenqing attended the "central enterprises Shanxi" activities, to further strengthen the construction of city underground pipe gallery cooperation agreement]


China Metallurgical Group is actively engaged in the construction of the underground pipe gallery, and constantly promote the green energy saving city, sponge eco city, smart city development concept, and make its organic combination, and constantly explore the establishment of a model for the construction of green ecological wisdom which is suitable for itself and can be extended to the whole country. As a national innovation oriented enterprises, China Metallurgical Group has more than 53000 engineering and technical personnel, 16 national science and technology innovation platform and the national key laboratories, a total of 13846 valid patents, ranking fourth in the central enterprises. At present, the China Metallurgical Group is actively responding to the national strategy, and vigorously develop and promote advanced manufacturing, 3D printing and Internet + technology, accelerate the enterprise in the area of integrated pipe gallery design, construction, maintenance to the "integrated pipe gallery operators" and related supporting enterprises, so that the "in the market competition in the market is always in a leading position.
In the future, China Metallurgical Group will continue to adhere to the "MCC people casting the world" motto, fully carry forward the "do not delay, one day does not slack" simple and heavy MCC spirit, an important period of strategic opportunities to seize the country to promote the construction of the underground pipe gallery, continuous innovation city comprehensive pipe gallery the new model, and efforts to green city, smart city concept of high-end development into development and construction and operation management, efforts in the field of comprehensive pipe gallery striving national mission play, market leader, scientific research and development of the explorer, effective implementation of the central enterprises in the comprehensive pipe gallery City Development and construction of the national team "responsibility.

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