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China Minmetals and MCC group strategic restructuring to build a world-class group

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Recently, approved by the State Council, Chinese Minmetals and MCC implemented strategic restructuring. The restructuring, both the implementation of the Party Central Committee, the State Council on doing a strong power enterprises, and constantly enhance the national economic vitality, control, influence, anti risk ability, guiding ideology, deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises, promote the adjustment of state-owned economic layout, improve the international competitiveness, and also based on the reality of the depth adjustment of the global metal mining industry to adapt to the development of China's metal mineral industry characteristics of major decisions. The restructuring of the Third Plenary Session of the party's eighteen comprehensive deepening reform of the overall deployment and the overall situation and direction of the reform of state-owned enterprises, the central enterprises will directly enhance the capital strength and competitiveness of the central enterprises in the field of international metals. After the reorganization of the Chinese Minmetals, will continue to build a world-class metal and mineral enterprises, and strive to become the metals and mining areas of state-owned capital investment company. "The protection of national resources, the innovation of industrial upgrading, and the drivers of the transformation of circulation" are the new strategic positioning of the new company.
In recent years, the enterprise development is facing the global economic recovery is slow, iron and steel industry depth adjustment challenges, but also ushered in a new innovation, coordination, green, open, shared development and "along the way", Africa industrialization, Latin American and economic cooperation, the Yangtze River economic belt construction and other economic restructuring and development of strategic new opportunities. Under this background, Chinese Minmetals and MCC implemented strategic restructuring, to build a global metallurgical industry complete industry chain and value chain, to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, has important significance to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and international influence.
Chinese Minmetals is a mineral resources exploration, mining, smelting, processing and circulation of materials as the core business, while providing comprehensive services, mining technology and industry of international finance group, ranked the world top 500 ranked 198th, ranked fourth in the field of metal mineral. China Metallurgical Group is the world's largest and most powerful metallurgical construction operation of the national team, the world's largest metallurgical construction market share of more than 60%, is the national basic construction and overseas project contracting one of the key resources, is the country's major resource companies, ranked 326th in the world, 250 in the world's largest contractor in tenth.
The implementation of the strategic restructuring of the China Minmetals, economies of scale in resource development, commodity trading, construction, real estate development business and synergies will gradually appear, and will focus on force in four aspects: one is to give full play the leading role in the national shortage of metal mineral resources in the "going out" copper, zinc, accelerate overseas domestic shortage of resources supply base construction, promote resource development and the construction of the project outside the service ability; the two is to fully play a leading role in the engineering survey, design, construction, operation, technology, high-end equipment, information technology and other fields, through the whole industry chain integration and system integration services to enhance the metal mineral industry innovation drive capability, to build the world's first metallurgical construction service team; three is to give full play to the advantages of resources industry transformation and upgrading of the drive Role, actively promote the integration of resources and protection of the advantages of the development of the core technology and the core technology of the downstream materials, four is to give full play to the role of the supply chain management and services in the bulk commodity represented by metal minerals, the development of modern logistics, e-commerce, financial services and other productive services, strengthen the global resource allocation and market operations.
This strategic reorganization involving more than 700 billion yuan of assets, nearly 240 thousand employees, Chinese Minmetals will continue to actively and steadily, step by step principle, formulate the strategy implementation of the restructuring program, do the enterprise strategy and management system of top-level design, optimize the allocation of resources, play a synergistic effect, complementary advantages, to create an internationally competitive world-class metal mining carrier. Ensure that the reorganization of the full release bonus. In order to achieve more remarkable results return investors, return to society, return to the country, to achieve the one hundred two years, the Chinese dream and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream to make the contribution of central enterprises.

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