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China 22mcc group overseas business department practice leadership points of contact system

Writer:Mo RanSource:Overseas business de Number of visits: Date:2015-01-27

To consolidate the party's mass line education practice results, further play aleading Party cadres to take the lead in an exemplary role, effectively change the work style of cadres, promoting the implementation of various tasks,overseas business department has established leadership points of contact system, and to carry out a series of in-depth interviews and investigationactivities leading group.

Deputy general manager, Chinese 22mcc group overseas business department general manager and party secretary He Kunshan, overseas business department Kang Shiqing, Li Wenfeng a line to the overseas business department of Algeria regional research company, inspect and guide the work, to visit the site staff, understand the actual construction situation,and will meet the current project in the implementation of some of the difficulties and part of the two period of the contract the signing and other related matters, and actively with the project owner, the French Design Institute (ATSP), unit Zhongye international, China Metallurgical ConstructionResearch Institute and held a special forum seminar and project coordination meeting, made a series of fruitful, very fruitful consultations. In addition, also with the Algeria Oran province governor and Oran housing bureau director,issues related to the stadium project phase and prison project construction schedule and other exchange of views, and introduces the latest achievements in 22mcc group about the industrialization of residential andlocal cooperation intention.

Since June 20th, 22mcc Group Limited company deputy chief engineer,deputy manager of overseas business department and chief engineer Chen Xuejun, overseas business department Pan Yanming a line to reach theRussian KIMKAN construction site into line construction site investigation, in-depth research on the project site, the work detailed guidance; to the communication and field workers, encourage everyone to unite, to overcome difficulties.

Vice manager of Overseas Department Lin Wei arrived in Malaysia, the final design review and pre Malaysia pulp mill project owners, and actively carry out the other local project market research and liaison work.

Department leadership point of contact system and the leadership of a series of in-depth field investigation, not only the timely discovery, solved some problems existing in overseas projects, help promote the specific work of eachproject implementation, and encouraged the morale, cohesion strength,providing a strong support for overseas business department increase theintensity of the market and promote the healthy development of production and operation.


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