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Zhang Huiqing meets with Hong Guohua, director of the Guangdong province Meizhou City Jiaying District Management Committee

Writer:Wang HouliangSource:Party Work Departmen Number of visits: Date:2016-01-01


December 31, 2015, China 22mcc Group Chairman, Party Secretary Zhang Huiqing, vice general manager Hanbing met, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province Jiaying District Management Committee Director Kuo Hua hung a row, both ye and Meizhou city launched a full range of cooperation conducted in-depth exchanges. The two sides agreed to further substantive next Meizhou Jiangnan Metro shed project to accelerate the pace of cooperation.
Zhang Huiqing of Kuo Hua hung director visited 22mcc welcomed the Meizhou municipal Party committee and municipal government and Jiaying district management committee expressed appreciation to Ye Mei development attaches great importance to and vigorously support, in Meizhou City in recent years of fast play gave highly, and Jane to introduces the historical evolution and the basic situation of 22mcc. Zhang Huiqing says 22mcc from the original plant of gradually changing company, establish a perfect director will system and the modern enterprise system in the effective operation and management within the enterprise way operation, technology research and development platform, fine goals and measures of implementation and benefit over many years in the market follows the principle. So, the biggest goal is 22mcc around the customer, what customers think, ye will do what.
Zhang Huiqing introduced 22mcc construction of Geng Yang metro project, Chinese parasol tree Avenue Project, Siping shantytowns, Siping underground comprehensive pipe gallery projects, and said, in recent years, in the face of the pressure of the economic downturn great especially iron and steel industry continued downturn in the industry development trend, 22mcc actively business structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading, to something, to expand new business growth point. At present, 22mcc except outside the construction of metallurgy industry has successfully achieved the comprehensive transformation of the municipal transportation infrastructure, steel structure manufacturing construction has become a pillar industry. Meizhou is rich in resources, the advantage is obvious, the development potential is huge, and the human environment, ecological environment, first-class investment environment. 22mcc as with double premium quality of construction enterprises, will be adhering to the MCC "metallurgical construction team, construction of the main force, the emerging industry leader" new strategic positioning, to "a day without any delay, a day not slacking off" simple and heavy metallurgical spirit, give full play to their own advantages, actively in Meizhou city to expand their business, contribute to the urban construction of Meizhou city.
Hong Guohua of chairman Zhang Huiqing cordially received thanks, and introduced the basic situation of Jiaying area and Hakka culture. Hong Guohua spoke highly of the remarkable results achieved in recent ye. He pointed out that listening to Zhang Huiqing, chairman of 22mcc introduction, watched the 22mcc Promo after the very touching, 22mcc runs through things, connected north and south, covering radiation throughout the country, the world space pattern of regional development are very encouraging and inspiring the spirit, and the sincere respect and admire. Kuo Hua Hung said, Meizhou City in accordance with the "one goal", "the three major starting point" "two line", focus on promoting Jiaying new starting area, Mei Xinghua Feng Industrial Agglomeration belt, Meijiang Hanjiang River culture ecological health tourism zone, "one district and two belts" of planning and construction, promote the overall pace of development to accelerate the revitalization of. Kuo Hua hung hope both sides can seize the favorable opportunity, make full use of all levels of government preferential policies and financial support, and give full play to the credibility of the 22mcc, unique technology, excellent quality and strong service and other advantages, promote an early landing project, realize win-win cooperation and shared prosperity and common development.
After the meeting, Zhang Huiqing, accompanied by Hong Guohua, director of the steel structure workshop gold company to inspect.

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