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Program blue East District Organization Department of learning new "production safety law Chinese 22mcc group Beijing Chong Jian company"

Writer:Kang DaSource:Chong Jian company Number of visits: Date:2015-01-27


In January 5th, Ministry of organization of program blue east district Chinese22mcc group Beijing Chong Jian company all staff to learn the new revised edition of "the people's Republic of China safety production law" and careful analysis and Discussion on the major construction safety accidents happenedrecently.

The new "safety production law" implement General Secretary Xi Jinping work on safe production and a series of important instructions spirit, fromstrengthen production safety work placement, the further implementation ofthe production and business operation entity responsibility, government safety supervision and strengthen law enforcement strength, positioning of grass-roots level to strengthen production safety responsibility four aspects, focus on safety in production reality problems and development requirements, to supplement and improve the relevant legal regulations. Then, project managerfor everyone to read the analysis of the "Ministry of housing and urban construction of Beijing" 12? 29 "and five" collapse accident notification. He said that since October this year, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Ningxia, Henan, Beijingand other places there were 5 consecutive collapse accident, causing majorcasualties and property losses, resulting in extremely bad social impact, alsosounded the alarm of the safety work, hope everybody can pay attention towork safety, at the same time actively do the new "security production method"mentioned in the "three must": tube business must be safe, pipe industry must be safe, pipe production and operation must be safe. Finally, the project manager summarize safety accidents recently exposed a weakness existing inconstruction safety work, in the future production, life all employees need toraise their awareness of the importance of quality and safety work, firmly establish the "safety production line consciousness", earnestly implement theconstruction of the main parties in the quality and safety responsibilities, to carry out a comprehensive investigation and management of risks, strictly andall kinds of illegal behavior.

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