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Chinese 22mcc group Tianjin Corporation in 2015 to carry out the education and training of employees

Writer:Zhang DaluSource:Tianjin Corporation Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


In January 12, 2015, in order to further improve the company internal business system personnel's theoretical level and professional skills, China 22mcc group Tianjin Corporation in the seven district training centre on the companymanagement personnel are concentrated training.

According to the system of reporting training needs, the company's Human Resources Department of the overall arrangement, the company various departments of each project, cooperate. The training lasted 18 days, divided into two classrooms synchronously, a total of 240 hours of arrangement of curriculum, training content relates to the technical, engineering, quality,safety, materials, budget six aspects, training a total of 339 passengers.

The annual training content covers not only the traditional teaching content,such as: Plumbing professional knowledge, quality of actual measurement, the greater the new curriculum, the new technology of course scheduling ratio,such as: the use of BIM software and actual combat, Guanglianda graphics /reinforcement quantity calculation etc.. Training to "speak" "test" the way of the combination of teaching, after the end of a written examination on the contents speak, let each one to participate in training the staff really will learn the content understanding, digestion, can work in the future practice, but also to ensure that training is not as a mere formality, not formal, effective the training work of practice.

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