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China 22mcc Group Limited recruitment notice

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To actively contact guide qualification license complete, good business reputation, the construction enterprise construction strength into the Chinese22mcc Group Limited subcontracted resources platform, the establishment ofa number of long-term, good partners. The spirit of honest and trustworthy,mutual benefit and win-win principle, welcome the construction enterpriseintends to cooperate actively participated in. Specific requirements are as follows:

One, information acquisition time

From January 1, 2015 to June 30, 2015

Two, acquisition range

Construction enterprises with legal personality, projects or service construction qualification.

Three, information report content

1, fill out the "construction subcontracting enterprises information collection table" and "construction labor subcontracting enterprises information collection table". Information collection table must be true and reliable, and shall notresort to deceit, and signed by the legal representative, with the official seal of the enterprise.

2, enterprise certificate: business license, qualification certificate, tax registration certificate, the construction enterprise safety production license,certificate of organization code, the social insurance registration certificate,certificate of labor inspection limited;

3, credit and construction performance, nearly three years continuously the safety and quality of construction record;

4, labor resources, provide the operating personnel, special operations personnel (certificate validity period) the relevant certification materials etc.;

5, the number of full-time is in conformity with the provisions of the production,safety, technology, quality management personnel, holds the correspondingqualification certificate, provide the relevant materials of proof;

6, construction machinery and equipment is compatible with the contract scope of works, provide relevant materials of proof.

7, financial situation, including nearly two years of financial statements;

8, the provision of government management departments to query information,enterprise qualification information and safety license information.

9, unit contacts, contact telephone, fax.

Four, resource platform registration process

Five, the contact method

The project supervision department of group company:

Contact person: Zhang Shuangjie

The telephone / Fax: 0315-3220025

Mailing address: Hebei province Tangshan City Fengrun District happinessRoad No. 16

Zip code: 064000

E-mail: [email protected]

China 22mcc group project supervision department

In January 5, 2015

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