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Written certification on the occasion group's member is to accept the registration of software copyright

Writer:Jing WongSource:Kiln company Number of visits: Date:2015-03-14

Now the glorious copies in the innovation of science and technology group company and added anew fruits: the preparation of the "kiln kiln company data analysis and Simulation of constructionintegration system" V1.0 version gets Chinese copyright protection center software certification,which is Chinese 22mcc group first thing was to accept the registration of software copyright.

Construction technology of coke oven simulation is the national Ministry of finance science and technology innovation fund project 800000 key support. The technology based on full feasibilitydemonstration technology, using Solidworks2008 software, draw lessons from the metal, mold and other component design, processing simulation, to simulate and replacement of coke ovenconstruction pre laying link, realize the detection data of computer basis to provide accurate scene is when the construction demand parameters, construction preparation period, save the specificguidance of construction and reduce the construction cost objective. The technology belongs to the same domestic industry first, reached the international advanced level.

The domestic and foreign construction enterprises has been in use is selective pre laying method,entity before the construction, however, this method has not covered the whole coke oven masonry,representative results, poor poor guidance, waste of resources and disadvantages. With the development of information technology, simulation technology, virtual reality technology, in order to better maintain the leading edge technology in the traditional industry, kiln company will model of virtual manufacturing technology with the traditional construction technology combined with pre laying link, coke oven construction as the breakthrough point, through the analysis of the construction process of research and demonstration effect, comprehensive, stereo view andanalysis of the whole construction process, find out the key and difficult process and construction quality control of accurate, reasonable selection for technology planning stage, providing visual reference to optimize the construction process and construction method.

Advantage: the scientific basis and strong.

The simulation program for making coke oven masonry construction process combined with database management system using SolidWorks software, completely replaced the pre assemblyprocess, timely, effectively found the design problems and brick materials manufacturing defect,and the realization of process design of interspersed, data collection, collation, analysis the need of the construction site and link to the corresponding data processing, refractory pretreatment work directly, accurately and provide practical guidance, the operation parameters of science for thesolid masonry.

Two advantages: strong operability.

The software interface of humanized design, simple operation. Refractory material inspection usingadvanced imaging technology, determine the brick is the correct size; according to the differenttype of furnace, construction layout, hand and foot human resource arrangement and optimization of time automatic computer; network design of the overall layout and structure, relying on the Internet, build safe high performance server, through custom client, input field the collected data,the main program access server, remote simulation function.

Three advantages: high intelligence.

Furnace data analysis and Simulation of construction integration system is a set of simulation analysis, 3D animation, man hour calculation, labor force calculation and scaffolding planning five big functional module in a unified interface, relying on the Internet, the client server setting,simulation, remote clients through the permissions. With advanced video software synthesisanimation demonstration effect, the whole process of coke oven body, laying, installation and construction of civil construction, realizes the visual animation.

Advantage four: prospects.

Along with the national economic strength of the big increase, the state and society to strengthenefforts to protect the environment, technical innovation and new energy saving and environmental protection in the coke oven project more and more, the popularization and application ofconstruction technology of coke oven construction simulation will break the habit and the traditional thinking, in overcoming the traditional to the construction preparation, material waste, pollution of the environment is complex and many other defects in laying at the same time, greatly improve thecontrol ability of enterprises on coke oven construction quality in construction, improve scientifictechnology readiness and reduce the material consumption of artificial aspects will greatly advance,at the same time, the results also can be introduced into the company of other type of furnaceconstruction field in laying, and further improve the company's technological and competitive ability.

Ownership of software copyright is an important sign of enterprise product capability of independent innovation and renewal ability, the first piece of software copyright registration of the company, is not only an important scientific and technological achievements of the company, but also effectively promotes the China 22mcc group of independent innovation ability raise.


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