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MCC residential industrialization (North) Engineering Technology Center "through the formation of acceptance

Writer:Yu JingjingSource:Prefabricated housin Number of visits: Date:2015-03-14

In January 29th, the center of Engineering Technology China Metallurgical Group Co., Ltd. in the form approval group group 6 people to come to the assembly house industry branch hosted "the MCC residential industrialization (North) Engineering Technology Center" set up approval will.

Acceptance group of experts first came to the company plant of two building, laboratory building,finished product component storage area and precast production workshop conducted on-siteinspection. Then, through the review data, listen to reports, through questions and answers link, on the final center set up to give a high evaluation, and agreed that, the center has a strong technical research and development capabilities, in terms of capacity of industrialization, industry leading role, economic benefits and social benefits of construction has achieved good results, to a good supporting role for the business development support unit and group related technical capabilitiesand related projects, agreed to the center through the establishment approval.

In 2011 December, "the MCC residential industrialization (North) Engineering Technology Center"was established, based on 22mcc Group Co. ltd.. The purpose to build the center is to providetechnical service and technical support for the MCC other brothers peer units, to create a brand,create Ye MCC residential industrialization technology advantage, and constantly enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

The center has set up over 3 years, applied for 19 patents, including 6 invention patents, 14 granted patents; participate in the formulation of national industry standards and local standards forLevel 3, editor in chief of the provincial local standards 2; apply for provincial and ministerial levelmethod 1; published 1 papers; 5 achievements by the provincial and ministerial level identificationresearch; results by the Hebei provincial construction industry science and technology progress prize one or two each 1; R & D results applied to the Tangshan City residential projects 3; foreign cooperation in R & D project 3; chaired or participated in technical communication industry for more than 10 times; the cooperation project 2.

Acceptance of the expert group by the MCC Tiangong Group Co Ltd Vice General Engineer Song Jianbo, MCC Technology Department deputy director Peng Tiehong, director of the ChinaMetallurgical Group Co., Ltd. Wei Hongchao twenty, Tianjin twenty Metallurgical ConstructionCompany Limited Zhu Heng, Central Research Institute of building and Construction Company Limited assistant dean Zeng bin to form the acceptance will. China Metallurgical Group of science and technology Li Jianjun presides over the acceptance. Prefabricated housing industry branchchief engineer Li Zhelong made a related form report.

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