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Make still further progress more endeavor to sail to Penglai -- Tang Gang drum your car plate project Department of mechanical and electrical company six branch "exemplary vanguard party post" activities

Writer:Song XinSource:Mechanical and elect Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


Since 2014 4 at the end of the electromechanical company Party committee in the car plate project department started the "three guarantees a ratio andvanguard party post" theme activities, through meticulous organization, quickly set off a campaign upsurge. Electromechanical six branch 8 gang membersresponded positively, based on their own, according to the two stage companyand the project Department Party branch to arrange activities actively andachieved good performance, to the end of the activity, produced a total of three guarantees than advanced individual labor contest two, outstanding Party members a, and obtain a "the exemplary vanguard party post" collectivetitle of honor.

Actively participated in efforts to sprint

Pioneer gang members in the daily life and the normal work of the company Party committee, held on two level party organization and the project Department Party branch of learning and active response, enthusiastic participation. Clean the living area for garbage, dormitory re laying of cable,welcome 7.1 temperature oath, remove weeds...... Organization of Party branch activities every project, pioneer gang members are energetic,passionate vitality of the involved, an exemplary Party member Hong Zhengqi,tree avant-garde style, actively assist the party organizations to carry out the work of the party, on-site service, service staff. In July the party flag activities,gang members learning the party constitution in the branch secretary under the leadership, carry out the "based on the position of contributions" activities,fully mobilize the gang in the Party member's enthusiasm and creativity, in rush period ensure node, safety in production, technology research and other playsthe core role of backbone, make a a contribution to the project construction and production. In the project organized by the Ministry of three Paul thanlabor competition, also by the vanward hillock to take the lead, and we strive forward in May, June, July and September respectively to get the civilized construction, project schedule, engineering quality, engineering safety of smallred flag.

First love and dedication

Gang members adhere to make oneself an example in the vanguard party post, in strict accordance with the standards set strict demands on themselves,and actively practice the members of the commitment, Party members to take practical action to show the famille rose. Gang long Wang Keyong not disgrace an outstanding communist title, set an example to the young Party members and workers played an exemplary role. In the work of hands-on, see drawing, blanking, pour material, welding, cables, mental and manual labor in a body, a multitasker, lead everyone safe and the quality and quantity of the successful completion of the construction task.

Practicing the party's mass line education practice

Pioneer gang members in life is everywhere for the sake of everyone, to thedining room installation of water pipes, built a bathhouse, gang long Wang Keyong out to the wholesale market to buy food, just to save a bit of money,let the big guys eat well, as long as their ability is divided into certain to provide you convenience. Other members not to be outdone, have also beena variety of ways to show the party style. Shen Gang et al use class next spare time undertake the work for the canteen water; Tian Huanhuan, Tang Hongbing spontaneously during the safety production month organizedsecurity group, security risk investigation on the construction site, to ensure the construction safety of operation personnel; Cui Jian clean up trash on thesite storage areas using leisure; Wang Zhongtao look at the library at the same time. Repair of small tools......

One swallow does not make a spring, All flowers bloom together. spring garden. There is no perfect person, can unite to create a perfect collective.Electromechanical six branch 8 ordinary members of the Communist Party,with their practical actions to create a strong collective, they play theexemplary vanguard role of Party members and staff led the branch in the project of hard work, move forward!

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