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The construction of learning style documentary on the road -- travel company in Guangdong

Writer:Zhang XiaofangSource:Guangdong company Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


At the beginning of this year, in order to implement the Chinese 22mcc Group Chairman speech spirit, Chinese 22mcc Group Guangdong company on the afternoon of January 9, 2015 organized the first time this year staff learning theory.

In order to implement the group company requirements on strengthening party conduct Lianzheng construction activities, Guangdong company organizational learning the "state-owned enterprise leaders are honest and engaged a number of provisions", fundamental norms of the leading personnel of state-owned enterprise incorruptible working behavior, strengthen the construction of anti corruption in state-owned enterprises, promote the development of the scientific enterprise.

In order to implement the provisions of eight Central Committee of the partyspirit, learning four sets TV special "by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the propaganda department jointly with CCTV production style building is always on the road -- the implementation of the eight regulationsspirit is wind Su Ji documentary" first set "commitment and hope", special subject piece firstly expounds the concrete contents of the central eight provisions, and then through a series of video case, let us know the hazardsexisted before for problem of style of cadre of Party member leader, also let us know the importance of the implementation of the central provisions of the eight spirit. Promises have been made, hope is to bear the pressure, leadingthe great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation this mission Chinese Communist Party, this is a must to make a timely answer questions answered, deepstrong, convincing answer.

Finally, the company organization of the correspondent learned the company recently released "Guangdong company news propaganda" rewards and punishment measures, detailed expounds the specific requirements on thenews management files, through document study, aims to improve theenthusiasm of the staff of the propaganda work, show the Guangdongcompany good mental outlook.

Now, Guangdong company leading group is leading all employees to a new look to the new goal. The company leadership, organs of all personnel to participate in the study, the project manager department employees throughvideo in.

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