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China 22mcc group materials company Party branch work review

Writer:Yuan FengyingSource:Materials company Number of visits: Date:2015-03-15


Chinese 22mcc group materials company Party branch has been set up for three months, review this more than three months, completed the major workin our group company under the leadership of the Party committee: one is toimplement the responsibility of Party building work, pay attention to the construction of system. Establish and improve the general Party branch groupand affiliated branch, a clear division of labor, to implement the responsibility,and in accordance with the characteristics of various leadership management authority and the leaders in charge of the Department, established leadershippoints of contact system; two is to pay attention to the study of political theory,improve the quality of Party members. The organization of all members of the Party committee of Hebei province "learning about China Communist Party members working rules", "the Central Committee of the CCP aboutcomprehensively promote the rule of law certain major issue decision", "the eighteen session of the fourth plenary session decided the new concept, new initiatives, new bright spot", comrade Guo Wenqing in the China MetallurgicalGroup in Liaoning, the person in charge of the enterprise and in the ForumChina Metallurgical Group of cadres of the General Assembly on the important speech, Zhang Huiqing of president of group company Party committee held inOctober (total) secretary of regular work on the speech content, requires eachparty members with their own work, write out the learning experience,leadership, the company formed a good learning atmosphere; three is theramming branch foundation work, strengthen organizational leadership. The establishment of the Party branch work manual, clear the contents of the work,ask each branch to finish related work in strict accordance with the provisions of the manual; hold regular branch secretary meeting, arrangement deployment stage work, a solid foundation for creating a new situation inbranch works play. Four is the establishment of the party activity room,opened the activities column, column is updated on a monthly basis, provide a channel for the exchange of learning Comrades and recommendations; five is to carry out a good activities, do a good job of Democratic Party work.Organization of the branch held a party branch committee members to participate in the democratic life meeting, a profound summary and analysis of the study and work a year to every Party member, carry out a profoundcriticism and self-criticism, find out problems, formulate rectification measures,the 2014 year of democratic appraisal of Party members working party members participating rate reached 100%, the top excellent Party member 3;six is to actively create corporate culture a dear. The year-end inventory work and enterprise a dear combining culture, is the group company year-endaccounts work laid the foundation, and with the external hire contract workersto carry out new recreational activities, enhance the team together, increasedforeign employees a sense of belonging; seven is to carry out the education of party conduct Lianzheng, catch good self-discipline. The implementation ofgroup company during the two strictly implement the provisions of eight central spirit, resolutely correct "four winds" issue announcement spirit, combined with the characteristics of material company, key sectors and key staff positions ofanti-corruption education and conversation, so that alarm bells ringing,honesty and self-discipline, thrifty and festivals; eight are involved in theproduction and management, assist the administrative solutions of Shenglongprojects in the equipment section of question, related equipmentmanufacturers actively to appease and assist project department to communicate with the owners, for the early solve arrears.

The new year is coming, in the face of the new starting point, new opportunities, new challenges, materials company general Party branch in summing up the past experience and the insufficiency, the new situation is full of enthusiasm to create the work of Party building.

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